Pratipada Tithi | Pratipada Meaning | What is Tithi in Hindu Calender | How is Tithi Calculated

First date of Moon month is called as Pratipada. One moon month is formed by 30 dates. Each month has 2 Paksha, one is Shukla and the other is Krishna Paksha. Both Paksha have 14 dates. In a month, Pratipada comes 2 times. Once in both the Paksha. It is the 1st date of Hindu Panchang. 

What is Tithi in Hindu Calendar

Chaitra month is the 1st month of Hindu Panchang. From 1st date of Chaitra Shukla Paksha, Hindu year is begun. On Pratipada of Shukla Paksha, moon is in a very weak position. In such a condition, moon is unable to give its auspicious effects. Hence, this date is generally not used for Muhurat works. 

A date is formed when Sun moves 12 degrees forward from its present degree. 

Personality of a Person born on Pratipada Tithi

Person born on Pratipada may have to stay in company of bad people. His family may face a stigma, due to his work. Such a person can become used to performing bad activities. Taking interest in religious works can reduce the inauspiciousness of his life.