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In a financial year, to see the ups and down in the field of profession according to astrology, we need to analyse the Yoga (combinations), Dasha and Gochar (transit). According to astrology, Yoga give fruits only on combining with its Mahadasha, Antardasha and Gochar. That is why many a times Kundali of a person contains Raja Yoga but still his life is full of pain and struggle. 

Whenever Yoga, Dasha and Gochar make relation, the Yoga of birth Kundali of a person are effective in giving results. This illustrates, whether a person will reach to great heights in his professional field or will he have to face a situation of change in job or business, during the year. Come let us discover how can planets effect the professional life of an individual. Yearly horoscope also defines the profession of life of a person. Check the following link to know the yearly horoscope


Mahadasha of Planets Related to Profession

If a person has an age of earning income, and the planet whose Mahadasha is currently running is the one which have relation with professional area, then the coming year will give result as per the placement of planets. 

People starting their professional work in Mahadasha don’t tend to change their work area frequently. On the other hand a person will have to change the professional area even unwillingly if he has movable sign, afflicted 10th Lord and no support from Gochar and Dasha  

Mahadasha in 11th house and 2nd house in the Kundali of a person helps in the area of work. Whereas, Mahadasha of 6/8/12, triple house brings obstacles in work, loss of respect and useless travelings.

Antardasha of Planets Related to Profession

People who have Antardasha, need to pass through effect of more than one planet at many times. They have more possibilities of  facing ups and downs in the field of profession. Antardasha of strong planets take a person to great heights. And during the Dasha of weak planets, a person has to face obstacles. 

The effect of Antardasha if for a short period of time. When a person has Antardasha of Triangular house, there is a change in his job as well as an increment in salary and post. Dasha of Trik (triple) house always give mental tensions to a person. During this phase, a person needs to work under pressure. 

Transit of Planets Related to Profession

When planets of 10th house become strong and transit from 10th house (Chandra house) to 11th house, then a person gets support in his professional work area. Jupiter is called the Karaka of money. Hence, when Jupiter transit in the 11th house of a person, then he definitely earns income. Check this link to know your Birth sign :-


A per the moderate results of transit planet, all planets give favorable results in the 11th house of birth sign. In this situation, person gains support in area of income. But, people in whose Kundali, 10th Lord transit in 12th or 3rd house have to face change in their  job. Other effect of planets’ transit can be checked here :-


Person may get transferred in the work area. Or he can himself search for a new job. If someones Kundali has transit of change in job, and during that time Dasha is related to 8th house, then person will need to change his job.  If any retrograde planet, transit on professional area, then extreme situations of ups and downs may arise in this field. 

Apart from this, transit of Dashmesh (10th Lord) on the fifth house brings certainly a change in job. Planets effecting the events of life and job in a slow pace are very influential. These planets include Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.