Citrine Gemstone - Metaphysical Properties Of Citrine

This Uparatna is usually found in variations of Yellow and Golden colours. This is a translucent stone which seems familiar to topaz. This Uparatna was worn first used by the people of Greek in ancient times after which it became rare for a certain period. It was again used in 1930 and was famous in relation to the Art Deco revolution during the first and second world wars. Citrine comes from the word ’Citrone’ meaning ‘Lemon’. This Uparatna is called so because it is found in a colour similar to a lemon. It is also found in Dark yellow colour

This Uparatna is rich in Iron. The more the Iron deposits, the darker and better is this Uparatna considered. Though, the purest form is the lightest one. Some merchants sell Citrine in the name of Topaz and one should understand the difference before buying. 

Metaphysical Properties Of Citrine

This Uparatna is full of qualities. It is believed that if this Uparatna is kept on the forehead, it enhances intellectual powers and is considered good for the development of the brain. It enhances self-respect in a person and saves him from any sort of exploitation. It encourages a person to think positive and fills him with new energies. This Uparatna is considered good for business people. It enhances a person’s financial status. It is believed that it gives best results if it is kept at a place where the person keeps his money.

This Uparatna helps a person in attaining peace of mind and success. It refrains a person from thinking negative and enhances his imaginative thoughts. 

Healing Ability Of Citrine

People having digestive problems should wear this Uparatna. It helps in the normal functioning of the digestive system and keeps it clean and healthy. It brings peace of mind and keeps a person happy and content. It helps with diabetes, constipation and blood circulation. It also helps with thyroid.

Apart from the above mentioned qualities, this Uparatna enhances the financial position of a person and helps him excel in his career. It also provides positive results to people who want to start a new business. It develops confidence and makes available all the things needed to excel in a career. It brings clarity of thoughts so that a person can even take the most difficult of decisions with an ease.

It helps with the circle related to focus. This circles is related to a person’s spiritual thoughts too. Wearing this Uparatna maintains proper functioning of this circle. 

Who Should Wear Citrine

Anyone can wear this Uparatna. 

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