The Sun in Astrology | Know your planets-Sun surya | Surya Karakatatva | Sun represents which organs of the body

In astrology, sun is known to be the agent or representative of a father. Along with this, it is also the house of representative of the soul. In the livelihood of an individual, it becomes the presentor of the position of the centre and makes the person ideological. Other than this, in its domain, the sun makes you a  discipline holder, on a higher position it is a seat holder, an administrator, the creator and developer with time and makes you the analyser of activities. Let us now know somethings more about the sun:-

Which are the friendly planets of the sun

The friendly planets of the sun are moon, Mars and Jupiter.

Which are the enemy planets of the sun

Saturn and Venus are considered to be the enemies of the sun.

Which planets form neutral relations with the sun

Mercury is the planet holding a neutral relation with the sun

Which is the multikron sign of the sun

The multrikon sign of the sun is Leo. In this sign, from 0 to 20 section, the Sun is present in the multrikon section. 

Which is the exalted sign of the sun

The exalted sign of the sun is Aries. In this sign, Sun occupies the 10 sections.

Which is the debiliated sign of the sun

Sun when present in the 10th section of the Libra sun sign is considered to be a bad.

Sun comes under which gender category

The sun is the representative of men.

Which direction is represented by the sun

It represents the East direction.

Which gem represents the sun

The gemstone of sun are Ruby, Blood gem and Tamda.

Which is the color of the sun

The auspicious color of the sun is orange, light red and yellowish orange.

Which are the lucky numbers of the sun

1, 10 and 19 are regarded as the auspicious numbers of the sun

Which god should be worshipped for the sun

For sun, Lord Shiva, Lord of fire, Lord Rudra, Lord Sachidanand, and Lord Krishna should be worshipped.

Which is the beej mantra of the sun

The beej mantra of sun is “Om hr hri hro saha suryay namah”.

Which is the vedic mantra of the sun

The vedic mantra is as follows:

"ऊँ आसत्येन रजसा वर्तमानो निवेशयन्नमृ्तं च ।

हिरण्येन सविता रथेनादेवी यति भुवना विपश्यत ।।"

What should be given in charity for the sun

For the sun, wheat, cooper, ruby, red clothes, red flowers, the stick of chandan and kesar are donated. 

What is the form of sun affected people

If the sign of sun is an ascendant or a sun ascendant sign is in the ascending house or the person’s birth sign is there in the sun then that person’s eyes are dark brown, structure is big, short hair, are short tempered, have weak bones and are average in height.

Sun represents which organs of the body

The sun represents the choler, air, bones, knees and bellybutton.

When the sun is at weaker position, what diseases can affect a person

Because of the sun, a person might get a heart disease, break their bones, migraine, jaundice, fever, burning sensation, cuts, might get hurt, swelling, skin related problems, poisonous problem, stomach problems, weak eye sight, psychological, getting less hungry and diarrhoea. 

Which is the sun factor items

In the factor items of the sun are soul, self-respect, power, radiance and the ability to heal.

What are the specific properties of the sun

The sun supports politics, monarchy, the ability to rule, a natural self belief, heart, life’s ideals, and energy.