What is Prashna Kundali | Use of Prashna Kundali - Importance of Prashna Kundali

If we try to understand Prashna Kundali in simple words then it is just the map of transiting planets at that instance of time. Suddenly a wish is born in the mind, what will be future of this thought. Will it be completed or not? To solve any such problem, Prashna Kundali is used. When a curiosity is awaken in a person’s mind, the Kundali prepared at that moment is called Prashna Kundali. It is also called Karya Sidhi. 

In our daily life, many events occur which can not be predicted through the horoscope. Like, if a meeting is fixed with someone then will this event take place or not. Such a query can be solved through Prashna Kundali. Even we can know which team shall win the match today by Prashna Kundali. 

Significance of Prashna Kundali

Prashna Kundali has a special characteristic feature that a person does not need to known his birth time for Prashna Kundali. So, there is no errors or dilemma about the birth time or ascendant. So, its Lagna can be decided easily. Moreover, Prashna Kundali does not need to apply transit and Dasha. Normally, Prashna Kundali is considered to last for an year. The result of Prashna Kundali is very accurate because the Lagna time is certain in it. 

How do the Prashna Kundali Function

Related house (Karya Bhav or house related to the question) and Karyesh (lord of the related house)  has a major role in Prashna Kundali. Here, Karya means the thought or wish for which the Prashna Kundali is generated. Like, if a person wants to known that will he travel then in such a case, related house will be the 3rd house. Karyesh means the house related to the question asked. The question asked is regarding journey, so Karyesh will be the lord of 3rd house. Therefore, the relation of question house and Kareysh in the Prashna Kundali reflect the success of the question. 

This way, ascendant house of the Prashna Kundali represent the person asking question. 7th house is the person or subject matter about which the question is asked. To understand the condition of that person, 7th house is analysed. 11th house is the house of achievement. In placement of moon or Karyesh in strong condition, indicate the success of question. 

Concern of a Person can be Predicted through Prashna Kundali

The information regarding the worries of a person can be predicted by seeing the moon. In the Prashna Kundali, positioning of strong moon in the ascendant house is linked with worries, money in 2nd house, concern regarding staying far from home in 3rd house, 4th house include house or water, 5th house related to child, loans related problem in 6th house, marriage or partnership in the 7th house, 8th house include paternal property or sudden profits, moon in the 9th house related to far distance travelling, profession in the 10th house, 11th include promotion and increased income, strong moon in the 12th indicate the concern regarding long foreign trips.