Alexandrite Gemstone - (Substitute Of Chrysoberyl Group) | Harshal Upratna

It is the substitute of Chrysoberyl group. In Sanskrit, it is called Hem Ratna and Hemvedurya. It is known as Harshal in Hindi. In nature, it is found in different colors. Specialty of this gems is that it looks green in the day and purple colored in the night containing redness.  It is a transparent sub-stone. It is quite popular for its color changing property and it is ranked as a the best gem. Hue of different colors can be seen in this sub-stone.

Alexandrite Properties

Wearing this substitute gives relief from mental worries. A person’s self-confidence is uplifted. It reduces the problems of central nervous system. Alexandrite removes the diseases related to spleen and pancreas. It is favorable for people suffering from delirium. 

Alexandrite’s Supernatural Properties

Alexandrite improves luck of an individual. Many a times, by wearing this sub-stone, a sudden change in luck can be experienced. It is considered an auspicious substitute. It gives peace. Person wearing this Upratna gets help in concentrating or focusing. Alexandrite helps to regain self-esteem. It increases happiness in a person’s life and helps to control the mind.

Who should wear Alexandrite

Person surrounded with mental tensions should wear Alexandrite. It can be worn in form of pendant. 

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