Auspiciousness of Tuesday in Daily Life (Work Done on Tuesday)

In the ancient times, most of the people preferred to analyze Muhurta before to start every tasks, but, in today’s era, people consider Muhurta for only important tasks because nobody is able to discuss their daily routine activities with astrologers to find positive Muhurta. If you will perform your acts in the good duration then obstacles will get reduced by itself and you will be able to meet your goals easily.

If you are not able to maintain purity of Muhurtha then atleast maintain accuracy of a day to accomplish your goals. Try to determine your daily tasks according to the day. Let’s see which tasks are favorable and which are prohibited to perform on Tuesday. 

Favorable Directions for Traveling on Tuesday

If you want to travel or want to go on a tour on Tuesday then travel in the southern-eastern direction. It will be auspicious for you to travel in these directions. You could go for traveling in the northern-western direction on Tuesday. If you will travel in these directions then possibilities will be high to achieve success in the work and low to face any loss or bad incident.

Prohibited Directions for Traveling on Tuesday

Traveling in the northern, western and northern-western directions would be unfavorable for you on Tuesday. Obstructions may create in your work if you will travel in the said directions. If you will travel in these directions then you may have a doubt for positive results. You might get stressed from traveling instead to enjoy it, thus, try to not to travel in these directions. You should maintain accuracy of a day before to go for traveling. 

Commencement of Education on Tuesday

You can start your education in the field of electronics on Tuesday. You can give medical entrance exams on Tuesday or can associate in the tasks related to defence. You could be able to start your training in the field of fire brigade, sports,  geological science and dentistry.

Professional Tasks on Tuesday

Tuesday is favorable to get associated in the business related to electronics. This day is auspicious to do sale-purchase of electrical equipments and or can start working on electronic projects. You can inaugarate a new bakery shop on Tuesday. People who wants to do business of games equipments can start on Tuesday.

You can start your business of gold, copper, brass and coral on Tuesday. Tasks related to sale-purchase of land and property and trading of surgical and defensive items will get accomplished successfully on Tuesday. You can finish your agreement You can  and You can perform tasks related to sale-purchase of land and property, business of surgecal items and partnership on Tuesday. 

Firstly, you have to select Muhurtha with the help of an astrologer and if you are not able to find suitable Muhurtha then you should select Tuesday to perform above mentioned tasks in your profession.

Other Auspicious and Inauspicious Tasks on Tuesday

You should not wear new clothes on Tuesday. This day will give moderate results if you will wear new jewelry on it. Do not put oil in your hair and do not perform shaving related tasks on Tuesday as well. Do not wear new shoes on Tuesday. but, this day is favorable to register a case.