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The next name in this series of Yogas formed with the combination of date and day is of Kakrach Yoga. Kakrach Yoga is also categorized as an inauspicious Yoga. Astrologers say that Kakrach Yoga is inauspicious for any auspicious work. In this Yoga you should not make any plans for marriage, rituals, traveling or any important work.

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Getting Answers of Your Questions through Prashna Kundali

Generally people who have interest in Astrology believe in the power of Prashna Kundali. But those who do not know its strength wonder how can we get answers to all our questions in an instant through Prashna Kundli. Astrology says that Prashna kundali is based on the time of question asked. However some Astrologers also [...]

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Assessment of Married Life Through Stri Dirgha

All parents wish to give enjoyable and luxurious lives to their children. When their children reach the age of marriage, they get worried about their future and match horoscopes of the bride and groom to get the knowledge of their married life. Stri Dirgha is one of the methods of Bees Koota in south Indian [...]

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Getting Answers of Your Questions through Prashna Jyotish

Everyday brings something new in our lives. Astrologers say that the prediction of the present day is made on the basis of the position of planets on that particular day. The position of planets determines failure, success, happiness and sorrows of the day. When astrologers assess the position of the day through Prashna Kundali, then the transit of daily prediction through different signs influences your life and gives you results accordingly.

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Secrets of Prashna Astrology

Everybody is curious to know their future. Since ancient times, astrology is considered accurate and authentic for predicting future. Astrology is a form of science based on mathematics and various principles. There are many branches of Astrology and one of them is Prashna Kundali.