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Remedies of Venus in Lal Kitab

23 December 2009 5,966 views One Comment

According to Lal Kitab, if we cure an auspicious planet its results will remain permanently, and if cure an inauspicious planet its malefic influence will definitely get reduced.

This article talks about the remedies of Venus in each house. Those who have Venus in different houses of their birth-chart can find all the remedies:

1. Remedies of Venus in the first house.

  • 1. You should not get married in the age of 25.
  • 2. Donate seven kinds of grain.
  • 3. Take the advice of others while performing any important task.
  • 4. Take silver at the time of marriage.
  • 5. If you are a man then you should bestow a girl in marriage.
  • 6. If you are a woman then donate a cow.
  • 7. Become the head of the family.

2. Remedies of Venus in the Second house

  • 1. Business of agriculture, soil and birds is good for you.
  • 2. Use fennel, honey, lentils and Vesam.
  • 3. Business of cosmetics and hosiery.
  • 4. Stay away from adultery.

3. Remedies of Venus in the Third house

  • 1. Respect your spouse.
  • 2. Serve your maternal aunt.

4. Remedies of Venus in the Fourth house

  • 1. Avoid any sort of addiction.
  • 2. Put gram dal and turmeric etc. in well.
  • 3. Career in the field of writing, journalism and broking are not favorable for you. You should join police or army.
  • 4. Marry your wife after changing her name.

5. Remedies of Venus in the Fifth house

  • 1. Marry someone with the happiness of your parents.
  • 2. Serve cows.
  • 3. Always maintain your dignity.
  • 4. Donate ghee and sugar in temple.

6. Remedies of Venus in the Sixth house

  • 1. Donate milk, rice, jaggery and unrefined sugar in temple.
  • 2. Feed seeds to birds.
  • 3. Always keep a silver bullet in your pocket.
  • 4. Put silver clip in your wife’s hair.

7. Remedies of Venus in the Seventh house

  • 1. Take care of your parents and seek their blessings.
  • 2. Serve a red colored cow.
  • 3. Throw a blue flower in dirty water.
  • 4. Do not make any member of your family as your business partner.
  • 5. Do not let your wife wear blue or black colored clothes.

8. Remedies of Venus in the Eighth house

  • 1. Do not get married until 27 yrs of age.
  • 2. Donate cow at the time of marriage.
  • 3. Throw blue flower in dirty water.
  • 4. Serve wheat with jaggery to black cow.
  • 4. Donate chari and maize.

9. Remedies of Venus in the Ninth house

  • 1. Place silver at the foundation of your house.
  • 2. Place nine pieces of silver under Neem tree.
  • 3. Serve red colored cow.
  • 4. Marry after the age of 25 yrs.
  • 5. Work hard.
  • 6. Agriculture business is good for you.
  • 7. Do not get involved in the business of sale/purchase of cows.

10. Remedies of Venus in Tenth house

  • 1. Donate almonds in temple.
  • 2. Business of cotton is good for you.
  • 3. Donate black colored cow.
  • 5. Do not build a house. However if you do, keep the wall in the west direction adobe.
  • 6. Keep a goat in the west of your house.

11. Remedies of Venus in Eleventh house

  • 1. Donate a cow at the time of marriage.
  • 2. Immerse oil in still water.
  • 3. Donate curd in temple.
  • 4. Dip a match stick made up of gold in milk and drink it.

12. Remedies of Venus in the Twelfth house

  • 1. Serve cows.
  • 2. Donate something with your wife’s hand.
  • 3. Give proper attention to your household.
  • 4. Place a blue flower at an isolated place after sunset.

Hence, these remedies of Venus in Lal kitab are favorable and give auspicious results.

1. Follow one remedy at one time.
2. Follow them for minimum 40 days and maximum 43 days.
3. Follow them regularly, if you miss once start again.
4. Follow remedy from sunrise to sunset.
5. These remedies can also be followed by your family members like brother, father or son


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