Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 | Rahu-Ketu Transit 2019 Effects on Zodiac Signs

The sign of Rahu-Ketu will change in March 2019. On 7 March 2019 at 09:20 am, Rahu will enter Gemini sign and Ketu will enter Sagittarius sign and during the whole year Rahu will transit in Gemini sign and Ketu will transit in Sagittarius sign. The change in sign of Rahu and Ketu will have effect on everything. The transit of these two benefic planets will bring changes in the world and will increase tensions.

Learn about the effects of the transit of Rahu-Ketu in different signs

Aries Sign

The transit in this sign will suddenly bring changes for the natives of Aries. During this time your works will be completed quickly. You will also be hasty for your work. Your anger will increase. You will get opportunity to meet new people and travel.

Taurus Sign

Their will be increase in expenditure and anger will be seen in your voice. You can easily get troubled due to things. Opportunities of earning money are foreseen, you can also get benefits from your paternal property. Domestic disputes will remain and tensions can also remain.

Gemini Sign

Rahu is transiting in your sign only, due to which mental tensions can increase. You can achieve profits and position in your financial sector. During this time your expenses will also be more. You will get mixed results during this time. Out of which some will be favourable and some will be unfavourable.

Cancer Sign

Rahu will enter other signs from Cancer sign, this situation will be a little positive for you. But on the other hand suddenly a situation of huge expense can arise. You may also get to travel suddenly.

Leo Sign

You can receive some position or new things. New opportunities will arise for you at your workplace and you will get some good opportunities. You will receive benefits from outside contacts.

Virgo Sign

This time will bring changes for you at your workplace. Changes in work can take place. Their might be decrease in income. Your old works can materialise during this time.

Libra Sign

You can face lack of work around you. But you will not decrease efforts on your behalf because your hard work will only lead you to success. Their will be conflicts in love relations. Their will be lack of mutual consent in your relations.

Scorpio Sign

This time will not be favourable for your health. Due to this you might have to visit your doctor also. You might also face the burden of your opponents. You can get opportunity to travel at religious places. You can also get opportunity to suddenly earn money.

Sagittarius Sign

This time will be full of mental tensions and confusions for the natives of sagittarius. Physical problems can increase. Conflicts with life partner can arise.

Capricorn Sign

You might not get success despite your efforts. You will be more upset. Some help from destiny can be received. You can get opportunity to travel. Opportunity meet people can arise. During this time there will be more anger in you and along with this tensions will also increase.

Aquarius Sign

Problems at domestic front will be more. Concentration of students towards studies can deviate. You can face some problems which you cannot express in front of everyone. Children and family related things can have an impact on you.

Pisces Sign

Their will be increase in your efforts, you can get help to complete your policies. You can face tensions due to not being able to meet family members. Success will be achieved only after struggle.