Transit of Jupiter Into Sagittarius Sign 2019

Jupiter will enter Sagittarius sign on 29 March 2019. Jupiter will transit from Scorpio sign to Sagittarius sign. Jupiter will become retrograde on 10 April 2019. It will again enter Scorpio sign by becoming retrograde on 22 April 2019. During this time it will remain in Scorpio sign, after which it will become directional on 11 August 2019. On 5 November 2019, it will enter Sagittarius sign at 05:16 am, and will transit in Sagittarius sign till the end of Samvat.

Effect of transition of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign on different signs

Effect on Aries sign

There is a possibility of achieving success due to the transition of Jupiter in ninth house. You will be able to do few works according to your will. You can also travel during this time, you will mainly get opportunity to visit religious places. You will get benefits in financial sector, but there will be increase in expenditures also. You can receive some vehicle or clothes. You will also get happiness due to children.

Effect on Taurus sign

The natives of Taurus sign can face some problems due to the transition of Jupiter in eighth house. In some works, a situation of delay can also be faced. Struggles will be more, then only you will be able to receive some benefits. If you become careless, then you might have to face problems. During this time you will be involved in worthless confusions. You can face mental pressures due to family and work pressure. So, it is necessary for you to not feel burdened and work according to the situation. You can receive some benefits due to your paternal property. Students who were doing some projects will get some good results.

Effect on Gemini Sign

For the natives of Gemini, Jupiter is transiting in Seventh house. You can get an opportunity to start some new work. With the support of friends and closed ones, there is a possibility of completing the works done by you. Chances of getting married are also foreseen. The situation of struggles will affect you. Your efforts in the field of income will be more.

Effect on Cancer Sign

This time will be full of struggles and competitions for you. Income will be less and expenses will be more. At this time, some disease can also affect you. Suddenly, a situation of rifts can arise amongst the relationship. There can be more tensions in mind. Your opponents will increase pressure on you.

Effect on Leo Sign

Transition of Jupiter will bring good results for you. You will be able to perform better in the field of education. Students will get better opportunities. You will get happiness related to children. You can also purchase some new vehicle. You can also travel during this time. There are chances of getting some financial benefits.

Effect on Virgo Sign

Some new family member can arrive at home. Along with this you also acquire some new clothes & jewellery. Struggles will remain and their is possibility of seeing some new changes in the family. You can try to stay away from home due to lack of happiness and will be involved mostly in yourself. You will be tensed due to increase in expenditures. But you will be able to cover your expenses in some or the other way.

Effect on Libra Sign

Due to the transition of Jupiter in Third house your income will be less and expenses will be more. You will see some changes from your siblings side. Their will be increase in your hard work. Your policies will come in picture in your job, along with this you will also get the opportunities for advancements. You will work by staying a little positive. You can think of starting your new policies again. You cannot reach a consensus on a particular thing. Their will be two thoughts in your mind. You are constantly busy working with some things.

Effect on Scorpio Sign

You will get the opportunities of financial benefits and you will also get the help of your friends. You will be able to complete your policies made in past. You can spend money on religious works and will also increase your interest towards these kinds of works. You can feel attracted towards someone in love relationships. You can undertake long distance travel for some necessary things. Conflicts in family can increase, due to which you can become mentally tensed, but the situation will improve soon.

Effect on Sagittarius Sign

Some new works will come in front of you, some auspicious works will also be completed. This time will be busy for you. You will have to do struggles to earn money. You can be a little harsh on your decisions. Take care of your health, there might be increase in your mental tensions. During this time you will be thinking more mentally. Conflicts with life partner will remain, but don’t let them grow. Control your behaviour and way of talking and try to understand the feelings of others.

Effect on Capricorn Sign

The transition of Jupiter will bring tensions and haste for the natives of Capricorn. During this time you can be troubled due to others also. You can also visit a doctor or hospital due to health related matters. There will be increase in your expenses. You will make some outside contacts and can also get some benefits from them, which will not let your expenses decrease. The prospects are going to continue but soon the situation will improve. Don’t take any decision quickly, take time before final decision.

Effect on Aquarius Sign

This time will be a little favourable for you. You can also get some benefit with the help of some special person. You will also get success in your field of education and can also get admitted in a good institute. You can also get support from your siblings, but their can be some mental tensions also. Some opportunities will arise in front of you where you can showcase your talents in a better way.

Effect on Pisces Sign

There will be some new rules and new work for you in your area of work. During this time you will be concentrating more on your work. You will not be able to take out time for yourself due to work and family pressure. Some auspicious works can also take place at home. Tensions will remain. Minor diseases can also have an impact on you. Listen to the thoughts of others in your work and undertake all the things before moving forward.