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What Do the Signs and Symbols on Your Palm Say

What Do the Signs and Symbols on Your Palm SayThe almighty has created the fate of every person in this world. The native is handed his birth chart and then sent in this mortal world. Palmistry considers the straight, carved lines of fate as god’s writing. These lines and signs determine our fate. In this article we will discuss about the signs and symbols present in the palms.

If you keenly observe your palm you can see various types of shapes and structures. Some common symbols a palm contains are star, delta, triangle, square, patch and cross. Umbrella shaped symbols are also seen in some palms. According to palmistry some symbols are auspicious and some are inauspicious. Position of the sign and symbol are very important as predictions are made on this basis.

First we will discuss the star shaped symbol. Star sign is very auspicious in palmistry. Presence of star sign at the end of a line increases the power of that line. Similarly a mount which has a star in it becomes very effective and a native gets excellent results related with that mount. Star increases the positive results of mounts, for example if a star is situated in the mount of Jupiter  then the native will get respect and fame in his or her society.

Star sign in the mount of Sun means that the native will lead a wealthy life and have a good position and have influence on others but he or she may not sense the happiness of success. Similarly, star sign in the mount of Moon indicates that the native will be very popular and famous in his or her society and may even become an artist.

Star sign in the mount of Mars usually means the native will have a good fortune and will get many opportunities. He or she may achieve success in any chosen field and get chances to lead an amazing life. Star sign in the mount of Venus means the native will surely succeed in his love life.

If the mount of Saturn has the star sign, it indicates that the native will achieve success by his hard work and labour.  The achievements might come after many difficulties.

Palmistry considers the island sign inauspicious. The sign casts negative impact in its stay in any mount in a native’s palm. Island sign in the mount of Jupiter means a weak Jupiter which is not a good indication for the native. Because of this the native’s reputation and honour in the society will be affected and he may not succeed in achieving his ambition in life.

If the mount of Sun has the island sign then it indicates a weak Sun because of which the native’s artistic quality may not emerge. And one’s creative ability is affected if this sign is present in the mount of Moon.

Mars is affected if the island sign is in its mount. It lessens the native’s courage and confidence. Island sign in the mount of Mercury means the native will have an inconsistent mind. Due to this, the native gets bored before completing the task and finally leaves the task.

Island sign in the mount of Venus means the native is a lover of beauty.  And if there is an island sign in the mount of Saturn it indicates that the native has to perform a lot of labour and hard work to get success in his life.

Palmists say that a person may face some heart related disease if this sign is in the heart line. In this case he may even get a heart attack! Island sign in the head line indicates headache and mental sufferings.

Palmistry says that this sign has various meanings. Usually the cross sign mean accident, difficulty, despair and changes in a native’s life. This sign is said to be inauspicious but it also give favorable results in certain circumstances.

Cross sign in the mount of Jupiter means that the native will have an interest in secret and mysterious subjects. He will be interested in philosophy. If this sign is in the centre of a native’s palm it means that the individual will be religious and show interest in spiritual things. He may be attracted to metaphysical realm and try to unearth unanswered things.

Palmists say that a cross sign in the mount of Sun means the native has to face several difficulties and hardships in his or her life. In this situation a native’s inborn artistic qualities remain unexploited and his financial condition may not be very promising. He may crave for fame in life.

If this sign is in the mount of Mars below Mercury then the person should be very careful about his adversaries as this position of cross signifies danger from the native’s enemies. If a cross sign is seen on the mount of Mars under the mount of Jupiter then it is not a good indication as the native may have to engage in a long and dangerous conflict.

If a person has the cross sign in the mount of Saturn and the sign is touching the fate line slightly then it means he may have he may face the risk of an accident, or may have fights. These possibilities increases if the cross sign is in the centre of the mount of Saturn.

Cross sign is said to be very dangerous in the life line as it points out the possibility of mortal risk.  Cross sign in the life line creates bad relations with the relatives of the native. And this sign is also not auspicious in the mount of Venus as the person’s love life will have problems.

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Comment(s) on this article

  1. Jean DelGrosso said on Apr 21, 2011 02:25 PM
    I have always had an X in the middle of both palms of my hands connecting the two lines above and below it. And I've always studied and been interested in metaphysical and the occult. In the past couple years, I've returned to an intense study of the Nature of the Soul and the literature of the ancient Wisdom. Recently a tiny X has appeared on the outside middle bend area of both of my index fingers and the X is enclosed in a circle. I just noticed these in the past few days. Do they have any special meaning??? It's very curious! Jean
  2. amit kumar said on Jun 27, 2011 06:23 PM
    sir,i want to know about a swastik sign which has been formed in my right hand a couple of days earlier,i have noticed it,it's one side is touching my life line & it's location is in mars mount.,so,please enlighten me whether it is good or bad for me...waiting for ur reply..Thanks.
  3. dan said on Mar 12, 2012 05:41 AM
    I have a cross on my lifeline where the two bottom ends of the cRoss are touching the lifeline straight after a small break which the strt and end of the break is parallel at about the age of 35. can u tell me what this could means please. thanks.
  4. will said on Apr 18, 2012 09:03 PM
    i have three upside down crosses on my left hand. these crosses are paralleled on my right hand,however they are in the opposite structure of the crosses on my left hand. on my left hand one of the upside down crosses is at the top while the other two appear near the middle.this is like i said the opposite case for the other hand. could you tell me what this could mean?
  5. Shaunt'e said on Jul 22, 2012 04:39 AM
    I have multiple ankhs in my left palm, I can't google, or find any history about it does anyone know of anyone else that would have multiple ankhs over 5 in there left palm mean. Its nice to know, what just appeared this year since it wasn't here last year. And is it normal for just the skin to changed i hope positively for the better. Please thanks with all the best intentions I just think and express this way. So please ah answer is needed with no off the subject jokes during discussion of what this means please and thanks.
  6. Brijesh Kumar said on Oct 12, 2012 10:20 PM
    I have Swastik sign right in the midlle of my right palm, I just want how i will be effected by this. Thanks ...Brizz
  7. BEAVER said on Jan 01, 2013 08:13 PM
    in my left palm there is a triangle formed by life line and headline and fate line. ( big Triangle formed by the 3 lines). in my right palm there is also a small triangle shape (located at the middle palm )connected at the end of my head line and below the triangle is a star sign. what are the meaning of these? thank you very much.
  8. sandy said on Jan 14, 2013 06:24 PM
    i have kite symbol on the right hand what it shows??thanx in advance...
  9. Shivendra Singh said on Jan 16, 2013 04:29 PM
    I have Swastik sign right in the midlle of my right palm, what is the meaning of this sign in hand please tell me. Thanks ...
  10. Haadi said on Mar 07, 2013 02:24 AM
    I have a Kite Shape (Fish Sign) on my left hand's mount of Apollo. And also a deveolping one on my right hand's mount of Apollo. What does this mean? P.S. I also have a triangle on my right hand's mount of Apollo and stars on boths hands' Apollos.
  11. rekha said on Apr 04, 2013 06:56 PM
    one swastik symbol in my right hand in mid side of palm or symbol is correct fate line tell me it symbol is bad or good for me
  12. Baharul Islam said on Apr 27, 2013 05:23 AM
    Sir i have a star sign on the mount of Apollo/sun on my left hand but i have a cross on my right hand at the same place. The start on left hand is individual but on right hand i have a line grow from fate line reach until mount of Apollo which is crossed by a small line rise from line of heart line. So what will be the outcome of it? please let me know.
  13. Anil said on Jun 21, 2013 08:12 AM
    I have swastika sign in my right hand on Jupiter mount whose one end goes towards wrist.What it indicates,please give me reply as soon as possible. Thank You.
  14. idrees said on Jul 17, 2013 05:03 PM
    my 3 year old daughter has a clear eye formation on the left palm, pls. clearfiy this sign
  15. corey n littlepage said on Aug 11, 2013 02:00 AM
    umm i just want to know i have crosses all over both of my hands i just want to know why waiting for email reply thanks
  16. Jhony prasad deori said on Aug 29, 2013 09:31 PM
    I have fish symbol in both plam along with the fate line at the botom of the plams, full fish symbol in left hand and a gap fish symbol in right hand.i want to know what it indicating.
  17. Heather said on Sep 03, 2013 04:39 AM
    I have a heart symbol com Myrddin left palm. The heart shape touches the mind line. What does that mean?
  18. prince abrar said on Sep 24, 2013 04:08 PM
    I have a triple fork under the mount of it good or bad ? I didn't find anything about this...please tell me.. :(
  19. ankeeta said on Sep 25, 2013 11:11 AM
    sir, I have sign of swastik an trishul in my right at both at juipter mount
  20. demat tatak said on Dec 13, 2013 12:30 AM
    sir i have a question to ask .sir i have a skech of a person which is connected to my heart, faith, brain n life line. what does it symbolies
  21. Kapil Negi said on Feb 22, 2014 12:15 PM
    What does a sign of Shivling on the palm signifies?
  22. anita said on Mar 13, 2014 10:38 AM
    mere left hand ke thumb me swastik ka symbol hai..iska kya meaning hai ? plz..mujhe batayen..thnx..
  23. natasha said on Mar 13, 2014 10:54 AM
    I have 2 triangles forming an eternity symbol, attached to fate line, head line, and line of intuition, its mid way down my palm, under finger of Apollo... Cant find anything about eternity symbols anywhere...please help
  24. sharmila jaswal said on Mar 14, 2014 08:44 AM
    i have two fish opposite direction in left hand what's its meaning plz reply.
  25. vikram said on Apr 04, 2014 07:36 AM
    I have an oval sign cut by girdle of Venus on sun mount .the yav joins the heart line at one end and terminates between apolo and mercury finger please guide me
  26. aayushi said on Apr 22, 2014 01:10 PM
    Sir I have a star in my left hand on the off side of Saturn almost looks between Jupiter and Saturn. Plz tell me what's the meaning of all above?
  27. ramesh said on Apr 25, 2014 10:19 PM
    in my rite palm fish sign are available pls give me answer
  28. li said on May 03, 2014 01:11 AM
    my right palm has like a symbol "TA" in chinese character 大... also like 2 character : one 一" (yī; one)and ren 人... do you know what it means ?
  29. Olajiire said on May 08, 2014 12:49 PM
    I've got an 'X' mark on my left palm. I don't know much about palmistry so I don't know exactly what point the mark lies. The mark is flat with little space between the four points. What does this mean?
  30. Unni said on May 24, 2014 02:25 AM
    I have a 5 pointed star enclosed within a circle in the middle of my right palm. Could you tell me the significance? Thank you in advance
  31. raman said on May 30, 2014 07:13 AM
    Sir i have swastik sign on my left hand . It is at the bottom of my index finger could u plz tell me. The impect of this sign in my life
  32. britney said on Jun 11, 2014 02:21 PM
    I also have a clear eye formation on my left palm. im very interested in the meaning.
  33. klaudia said on Jul 04, 2014 10:27 AM
    Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of the eye (looks like egyptian eye because it has a tail) in the middles of my palm connected to the line of fate?
  34. ghanashyam pandey said on Sep 02, 2014 11:32 AM
    can anyone tell me the meaning of trisul in the base of jupitor
  35. shilpa said on Sep 09, 2014 03:40 AM
    Dear sir, I have Fish sign on right palm of Head line and also have Temple, Triangle and square signs on the same line. I have a big Fish sign on Life line of Left palm. Could you pls. elaborate it?
  36. siva said on Sep 13, 2014 02:49 AM
    i have 'Ohm" sign in the middle of right hand. please tell me what it signifies
  37. marlene said on Sep 26, 2014 01:21 AM
    I. Have a triangle on my left hand right in the midle what that means?
  38. jhon said on Oct 14, 2014 11:29 AM
    i have a circle in the middle of my right hand what dose that mean it not on my left
  39. Shobha K said on Oct 17, 2014 02:37 AM
    I have heart symbol on my left hand below the middle finger and right hand also in the middle palm
  40. Xiong said on Oct 20, 2014 11:45 PM
    I have a heart shape in the middle of both of my palms. Also the shape are exactly the same.
  41. shrini said on Oct 27, 2014 02:04 AM
    I have heart shape in the starting point of index finger and squire shape in middle palm it touches my all lines. The both in right hand what that mean? please reply
  42. Shubham said on Nov 03, 2014 11:22 AM
    I know one thing, Your destiny is in your hand. whatever the situation.... u were always present to lead and that is a great opportunity for you. The hand rekhas are created by what u think and you do in the past. These are the result of karmas. So....just forgot what happens... u are not this body nor the mind. do waht is right not what u desire and if u do it... u will appreciate yourself at the end.
  43. Arsheen said on Nov 08, 2014 04:37 PM
    In my left hand,my head line,life line&fate line has formed a triangle at my mid palm.can you please tell me what does it mean?thank you.
  44. sayan chakraborty said on Nov 10, 2014 06:30 AM
    my heart line goes down towards the life line and from the ending point of heart line a flag sign is created.what is its effect on me
  45. Ashish said on Nov 20, 2014 02:13 AM
    On my right hand palm, there is a sign of Swastik and Trishul. Can you please tell me, what is the meaning ? Thank you..
  46. Ghouse said on Nov 21, 2014 09:28 AM
    In my right hand my head line life line & fate line formed a triangle at mid of the Palm can u please tell me what does it mean ?Thanq u
  47. shyamal Ghosh said on Nov 25, 2014 08:11 PM
    I have some problems in marriage.
  48. sapna ladha said on Dec 03, 2014 06:02 AM
    i have a swastik in my right hand can u tell me what that mean
  49. manoj gohe said on Dec 08, 2014 05:15 AM
    what meaning of double swastika on my right palm on Venus mountain.
  50. theresa said on Dec 18, 2014 05:45 AM
    I had a inch and half heart to appear in the center of my left palm what does this mean
  51. vipin said on Jan 22, 2015 11:00 AM
    Sir I have fish sign on end of life line in left palm pointing towards fingers what it means...
  52. missanisha said on Feb 09, 2015 07:37 AM
    I have a fish sign in my palm at fate line& i also have a cross on mount of satrun
  53. subhendu ghosal said on Mar 16, 2015 04:01 AM
    i have a cross in my fate line in the centre mount of saturn but the fate after that goes towards jupiter finger and avove that cross there is a trishul sign so what does it mean
  54. Rahul gupta said on Apr 08, 2015 09:53 PM
    Sir..I have double fish sign on sun mount, and triangle on sun line and square on sun mount. Two flag sign one on Venus mount and one in between heart and head line. Most imp i have double sunline which make name of god RAAM very clear.triangle and trident on brain line.My fate line start inside Venus mount..and having crown sign on starting point of fate line.
  55. Amar said on May 23, 2015 04:59 PM
    Hello, I have a Cross and a Star on the mount of apollo on the right hand , what does mean please ???, thank you
  56. vijay said on Jun 26, 2015 06:53 AM
    Sir i have eagle face with its eye and double triangled star
  57. sonjayy said on Aug 03, 2015 06:39 AM
    I have swastik in the jupiter area of right hand palm.comment
  58. mehak said on Aug 19, 2015 02:31 PM
    i have an alphabet on my left palm touch my fate line.comment
  59. G. Dubey said on Sep 04, 2015 02:46 PM
    Sir, I have om sign on the top of fate line and on the mount of tell me its meaning
  60. shilpa said on Sep 28, 2015 01:25 PM
    Could you pls.tell me the meaning of fish symbol on right palm of head line?
  61. Sheila said on Oct 12, 2015 01:59 PM
    I have a m on my palm between the mount of moon and mount of venus. Can anyone tell me what this means?
  62. Jhia said on Oct 30, 2015 03:36 AM
    I have cross symbol on my middle of head line and fork at the end of head line. What is the result. Pls tell me
  63. Harish said on Nov 11, 2015 11:10 AM
    I have om symbol on my right hand below end of palm. please tell what does it mean thanks.
  64. Harish said on Dec 05, 2015 01:13 PM
    Sir I have red colour OM symbol on my right palm below thumb ,end of my palm . pls tell me what it means thanks.
  65. Alfonzo Casas said on Dec 26, 2015 11:38 PM
    I have a hart/triagle? shape mark in the center of my left hand palm it apper more onto my "LIFE LINE" line then any other line it apperd i could say about a week ago. I need to know what it mean please.
  66. Alyssa said on Jan 24, 2016 06:02 AM
    I have heart shapes in both of my palms what does that mean?
  67. SITAWAR SUDHAKAR said on Feb 22, 2016 07:48 AM
  68. sunil Sarode said on Feb 29, 2016 10:47 AM
    Swastik middle on right hand on bhaggrekha , politics is best for me?
  69. Tania Biswas said on Mar 14, 2016 07:06 AM
    I m having umbrella symbol on the mount of Luna and mount of Jupiter on my left hand.....what it means..?
  70. Salauddin Momin said on Mar 14, 2016 12:23 PM
    Sir,I have swastik symbol in middle of right palm is it best for singing,politics,trading,family
  71. JUDITH said on Mar 30, 2016 05:03 AM
  72. Athok M said on May 09, 2016 09:39 PM
    Sir/Ma'am, My question is if someone has OM/AUM symbol in their left/right palm what does it mean?
  73. Joe said on Aug 02, 2016 08:51 AM
    I have a star in the very centre of my right palm below the headline and beside the line of Saturn. It appears to be on the writers line that branches down from the head line into the subconscious.
  74. serene said on Aug 04, 2016 01:00 AM
    mere left hand ke thumb me swastik ka symbol hai..iska kya meaning hai ? plz..mujhe batayen..thnx..
  75. rajesh mukherjee said on Sep 08, 2016 07:54 AM
    sir i have cross mark on jupitor. what is the meaning of this?
  76. nithesh gurung said on Nov 24, 2016 02:04 AM
    i had a sun symbol in my hand.
  77. Praveen yatagiri said on Jan 18, 2017 05:37 AM
    Sir I have swastik,cross on jupiter mount,a group of fish sign, an arrow sign, and temple sign as well as rectangle and triangle sign in my right palm... I am facing problems in my life.. Feeling that because of these signs am facing problems...
  78. Bhagya said on Feb 04, 2017 01:03 AM
    I have a big fish sign one between ring finger and little finger more between index finger and middle finger atips the end of heart line..what does it signify
  79. Ramu said on Mar 15, 2017 09:19 AM
    I have x on the middle of palm in both hands.
  80. Jayant said on Mar 27, 2017 10:23 AM
    Hi, while I observed my palm I found a full peepal leaf symbol which is clearly visible. Con u tell me exactly what it describe, the above symbol is present in centre of palm.
  81. Kusam said on May 17, 2017 08:57 AM
    I hv x in centre of both of d palms of hands means tell
  82. Adarsha said on Jun 21, 2017 07:09 AM
    I have arrow symbol below the sun mount what does it mean?
  83. anjali said on Aug 09, 2017 08:31 AM
    I have om sign on both hand can u tellmemore about it.plz thnks

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