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Lal Kitab Remedies for Saturn

Almost every one fears Saturn. Saturn’s dashas called Sadhe Saati and Dhaiya evoke a sense of panic in people’s mind. Lal kitab provides some easy remedies against the negative effect of Saturn. In this article we will discuss Saturn’s remedies.

Generally Vedic astrology provides remedies for debilitated and inauspicious planetary positions in one’s kundli. But according to Lal kitab whether the planet is in auspicious or inauspicious position remedies can be performed. The remedies help in retaining and enhancing the effect of the planet if it is auspicious and if the remedies are performed for an inauspicious planet, they help to reduce negative effects.

Let us learn what are the Lal kitab remedies for Saturn in each house of the kundli.

Remedies of Saturn in the first house of a kundli
Pour oil on ground.
Don’t build a house before you are 48 years old.
Throw kohl (kajal) in stagnant water.
Keep a monkey as pet.
Donate iron-objects on being asked.
Pour milk on banyan tree root and apply tilak with the drenched soil.

Remedies of Saturn in the second house of a kundli
Keep a brown buffalo as pet.
Feed milk to a snake.
Donate black pulse, peas, and sandal wood in a temple.
Visit a temple daily.

Remedies of Saturn in the third house of a kundli
Keep three different coloured dogs e.g. red, white and black as pets.
Keep iron objects above the door of our house.

Remedies of Saturn in the fourth house of a kundli
Feed milk to a snake.
Feed rice and pulses to fishes.
Avoid drinking milk at night.
If you are a doctor then give dry medicine to your patients.
Maintain a good relation with worker class.
Keep a buffalo as pet.
Trade in medicine..

Remedies of Saturn in the fifth house of a kundli
Don’t build a house before you are 48 years old.
Donate nuts in a temple and bring half of the quantity to your home.
Don’t distribute sweets on your son’s birthday.
Throw kohl (kajal) in flowing water.

Remedies of Saturn in the sixth house of a kundli
Keep a black or a brown dog as pet.
Feed milk to a snake.
Keep mustard oil in a glass or earthen jar and immerse it inside water.
Doing a task at night times will prove profitable.

Remedies of Saturn in the seventh house of a kundli
Don’t marry before you are 22 years old.
Bury a bottle filled with country jaggery in a funeral ground.
Tie gold to your wife’s hair.
Don’t go for a partnership deal with any one of your relatives.
Work according to your wife’s wish.

Remedies of Saturn in the eighth house of a kundli
Avoid taking alcohol, egg and meat.
Don’t purchase a house.
Don’t select a business related to heavy machinery.
Donate iron objects.
Don’t walk bare foot.
Throw 8 kilos of black pulse in flowing water.

Remedies of Saturn in the ninth house of a kundli
Avoid taking alcohol, egg and meat.
Throw rice in flowing water.
Live with your father and grand father.
Donate an Jupiter related things to an aged brahmin.
Don’t light a stove on your roof.
Business of Gold, silver and cloth will be profitable for you.

Remedies of Saturn in the tenth house of a kundli
Don’t take milk at night.
Cover your head.
Feed ten blind people.
Avoid taking alcohol, egg and meat.
Visit a temple daily.

Remedies of Saturn in the eleventh house of a kundli
Avoid taking alcohol, egg and meat.
Don’t build a house before 48 years of age.
Pour oil on ground.
Don’t use a south facing door in your house.
Keep an earthen pot filled with water before starting a good task.

Remedies of Saturn in the twelfth house of a kundli
Don’t tell lies.
Avoid taking alcohol, egg and meat.
Do religious work.
Don’t make a window on the back wall of your house.

Lal kitab says that these remedies can give instant result to the affected person.

Some instruction while performing remedies
Follow one remedy at a time.
Try to follow the remedy for a minimum of 40 and maximum 43 days.
Do the remedy between sunrise to sunset.
The remedy can be done by blood relatives like father, brother or son.
Don’t miss any day during the remedy period as a miss means a person has to start over.

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    Sir, i used to read Shani chalisa and shani stotra on saturday besides visiting shani temple on sat. donating black pulse and oil but i have been told by a lal qitab expert that becoz i have ashub shani in my kundli so i should not pray shani as it would harm me more by becoming stronger. Is it true?
  9. kiran said on Jan 04, 2012 03:04 PM
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  10. kalaamani said on Dec 17, 2011 10:26 PM
    in my nadal chart, saturn in 12th house, which is pieces. I was told that there is no rebirth after this. Pl clear. if so, suggest me what are the 'satkarmas' I should do to be more blessful.
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