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Lal Kitab Debts And Remedies

A native is afflicted by debt of the father when a planet is in the 9th house and Mercury is situated in the sign of that planet. Thus Mercury is responsible for creating this type of debt. Let’s discuss various kinds of debts that are formed in Lal kitab.
Debt of the father
When Jupiter is not in the pakka houses i.e. 2nd, 5th, 9th or 12th and is situated either in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th or 10th house and the pakka house of Jupiter is taken up by Mercury, Venus, Rahu or Ketu then a native may be afflicted with the debt of the father.
Debt of the mother
A native is afflicted with the debt of the mother when the Moon is situated in any other house except the 2nd and 4th house or if Ketu is placed in the 4th house of his kundli. Especially if Moon is in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th or 12th house of a kundli.
Debt of the spouse
When Venus is in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th or 11th house, Sun, Moon or Rahu is situated in the 2nd or 7th house of a kundli then a native is afflicted with debt of the spouse. 
Debt of the sibling
A native is afflicted by the debt of the sibling if Mercury is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 10th or 11th and Moon is in the 3rd or 6th house of the kundli.
Debt of the relatives
If Mars is in the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 11th or 12 house and Mercury or Ketu is situated in the 8th house of a kundli then  native may be afflicted with the debt of relatives.
Debt of the clan
A native had to pay debt to his clan if Sun is in any other house except 1st, 5th or 11th and Venus, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu is in the 5th house of his kundli.
Atrocity debt
A person has to pay debt of atrocity when Saturn is in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th or 12th house and Sun, Moon or Mars is in the 10th or 12th house of his kundli.
Debt of the unborn
When a kundli has Rahu in other houses except the 6th, 12th or 3rd and the 12th house contains either Sun, Mars or Venus then a native has to clear debt of the unborn.
Spiritual debt
When Ketu is situated in other house except 2nd, 6th or 9th house and Moon or Mars is stationed in the 6th house of the kundli then a native had a spiritual debt.
If debts of the second situation have Mercury in the 9th house then the afflicted father debt is transferred in the kundli of the native. These two types of debts have different ways of prediction.
Debts made by Mercury are as follows,
When a kundli has Sun in the 9th house and Mercury in Leo sign.

Moon in the 9th house and Mercury in Cancer sign.
Mars in the 9th house and Mercury is stationed either in the Aries or Taurus sign.
When Jupiter is in the 9th house and Mercury is in Sagittarius or Pisces sign.
When 9th house is occupied by Venus and Mercury is in both Taurus and Libra sign.
Saturn is in the 9th house and both Capricorn and Aquarius have Mercury.
When 9th house is stationed by Rahu and Mercury is in the Pisces sign.
Ketu is in the 9th house and Mercury is situated in the Virgo sign.
Prediction for debt of father
1. If a native is afflicted with the debt of the first category i.e. father and mother debt then he may face lack of love, desolation and rejection from his parents which means that he will be devoid of happiness from this debt.
2. Debts that are formed by Mercury cause problem in the life of the afflicted native for which he had to face failure in his attempts. He might face financial crisis and other difficulties even if he has a Rajyoga in his kundli.
Remedies of the debt of the father
Debt of the father casts its impact on each and every family member of the native. That’s why remedies should be performed by collecting equal sum of money from every family member. The remedy should be performed for 40 to 43 weeks. In this circumstance the native had to follow remedies of 2 planets at a time. One is the afflicted planet and the other one is the sign of the afflicted planet which is being afflicted by the malefic planet.
Remedy of one planet is to be performed for 40 to 43 weeks after having completed one. After performing a remedial process the native should maintain a peaceful domestic life and begin another remedial procedure. The native will get sure result by religiously performing the remedies of the planets.
Every planets have separate remedial process that are discussed as follows,

If the debt of the father is of Sun then equal amount of money has to be collected from every family member of the native and a yajna is to be performed in a temple. In this way Sun dosha can be calm down.

If the debt of the father is of Moon then equal amount of silver is to be taken from all the family members and need to be thrown in flowing water.
If a native is afflicted with debt of father by Mars then all the family members of the native need to collect same amount of money and organize a free medical camp.
If a native is afflicted with debt of the father by Mercury then with his family members he needs to burn yellow sea shells and throw the ashes in to flowing water.
If Jupiter results a native’s debt of father then he need to donate money along his family member in a temple.
If Venus is behind a native’s debt of father then he and his family member should give equal sum of money and feed fodder to 100 cows with that money.


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  1. nagaraj sharrma said on Oct 31, 2010 04:59 AM
    quite informative,keep the good work going,expecting more and more article on this.It is such a nice subject you kept reading and reading.waiting for new and interesting article
  2. ajay chauhan said on Dec 03, 2010 06:02 AM
    It is good.Please give more detail for developement of individual. Formate may be as under- BHAV PLANET REMEDY/TONIC 1 SUN ........... 1 MOON ........... etc.. I am much interested in Astrology. Though I also have some informations / suggestions. If you publish, i will mail you . Regards AJAY CHAUHAN 17, HANUMAN GALI , BHARTHANA DISTT-- ETAWAH (U.P.) MOBILE--09758019305
  3. anushakamath said on Jan 22, 2011 07:33 PM
    pls give remides for my financial problem plsw
  4. priti said on Jun 17, 2011 07:40 PM
    my daughter dob is 18 sept 2008 at 10.46 am at jodhpur rajasthan. is there any divine debt or dev rin
  5. Chander Sheikhar Chauhan said on Aug 06, 2011 03:56 PM
    My DOB is 19.08.1959, Place of Birth Jalandhar. I am going through debt for the last more than 10 years. The debt is increasing manifolds day by day. Will it come to an end or I will just die only earning money for people by extra ordinary hard work. Ab to upaye kar ke bhi thak gaya hu. Please suggest something. I need a bombshell by which some money comes so that I can get rid of all my debts.
  6. Rumaan Khan said on Jan 29, 2012 09:59 PM
    Sir,DOB is 20th April 1981,8:23 am Pakistan,karachi.and i m not a terrorist hahaha.Sir in my birth chat saturn and jupiter are in the same house that is 5th house and mercury is in 11th house and Rahu is in 3rd house Sun,Mars and Venus is in the 12th house togather and ketu is in 9th house.sir i know that my jupiter and mercury and sun are melafic but i want to know which planet or house is destroy in my other planets like jupiter have some drishti on mercury or mercury has its drishti on jupiter or rahu is opposing mercury so would it he Rahu is destroying mercury or ketu is in the 9th house which is opposite to the fifth house so if jupiter is destroyed by ketu i don't plz helpme sort out the problem plz plz so that i could live better thanking you
  7. JBsgga said on Mar 01, 2012 11:25 AM
    What are the remedies of spriritual debt and debt of mother. My moon and mars are in 6th while ktu is in 5th with sun, mercury and venus.
  8. shaillendra said on May 05, 2012 08:42 AM
    I have taken loan for printing machine & my business is not running and am not able to repay my loan do help me to prosper my business & repay my bank loan
  9. bhavi said on May 23, 2012 10:53 AM
    my daughter has debt sani mangal shukra my husband brother did for us in india we in U.S it ok
  10. Vishnu S.K. said on Jun 18, 2012 06:34 PM
    I have huge loans.I must pay them very fast. Kindly suggest me remedy.My DOB is 16th April,1962.Birth Time is 09.45 AM. Place of Birth is GOA, India. I am in deep trouble. Please guide me. Thanks. Vishnu
  11. naidu venkata nagesh said on Nov 09, 2012 05:50 PM
    i am facing so many abstacles in my life i have huge loans i want go to usa for a period when i will settle in my life kindly suggest me remedy. my date of birth 07-04-1972 time 14.10 pm at eluru west godavari, ap india
  12. Rohit said on May 20, 2013 10:37 PM
    how one can know what kind of debt he is carrying so that he can actually go for right remedy as my dob is 25/11/1984 time 20:20 place hissar haryana india how i can come to know about the positions of planets please guide
  13. hema said on Dec 04, 2013 12:32 AM
    My father in law has huge debt and my husband is also started falling into hands of debt. Which remedy will help to clear debts. It's really suffocating our life. Kindly help.
  14. chinmaya kumar pati said on Dec 04, 2013 09:17 PM
    sir, my dt of birth is 08.09.1974. place of birth is bhanjanagar,orissa.I am in severe debt problem. I am unable to pay off my debts.please help me.
  15. M.saratbabu said on Jan 28, 2014 04:45 AM
    My date of birth 31.03.1967 Time:9.14 P.M. Please Give Me Remedies for high tension debts.I am unable to live peacefully.
  16. MANOJ said on Mar 14, 2014 12:15 AM
    sir,dob is 18/01/1979 time is 22:20 place chennai iam having severe debts and not married.severe problems iam undergoing
  17. Premananda pal said on Apr 06, 2014 08:15 AM
    My dob 8 5 53 time 751 am place jajpur odisha what dosha i am having money earned spent more advice
  18. RAJESH RAIKWAR said on Nov 04, 2014 06:49 AM
    please send my detail

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