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Characteristics of People of Jyestha Nakshatra

Magha NakshatraJyestha nakshatra is inauspicious as it comes under the category of Gandamoola nakshatras. Mercury is the ruling planet of this nakshatra. Scorpio is its native sign and thus Mars also dominates this nakshatra. In this article we will discuss about the influence of Jyestha as the birth nakshatra on the lives and nature of its natives.
Astrology says that Jyestha natives are short tempered and become aggressive at the drop of a hat. They are fun loving people who love a fast life. They understand the value of time and try to finish their work in time. They are sincere and loyal to their responsibilities.
They are broadminded people and are not restricted to mundane things and routine works. They are quick learners and intelligently deal with difficult situations of life. A limitation of their nature is their restlessness which sometimes brings failure to their work. They are honest and bitter due to which people think twice before being friends with them. Their personality lacks sweetness. They are honored in the society, in spite of having a restricted social circle and little known face. They rise to fame in their mid-life.
They are equally good in business and service. In service they eventually achieve the top rank with their strength and dominate their subordinates. They make a profitable turnover in business as well. They are satisfied people who get constant success in their life. The natives of Jyestha nakshatra love to assess their competence in contests.
They are family persons and serve their responsibilities. They are blessed with wealth which comes from different sources. They are materialistic and love to purchase land and other properties. They prove to be excellent property dealers, and contractors. They make huge profits from real estate business. They may become famous builders. Astrology says that the natives of Jyestha have majestic nature and lead a luxurious life.
Vedic astrologers recommend ‘Moola Shanti’ of the natives born under Jyestha nakshatra to curb negative impacts as it is one of the Gandamoola nakshatras.
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Comment(s) on this article

  1. murali krishna said on Sep 27, 2010 08:51 PM
    u r depicted bright about jyeshta. but pandits here saying durmuhartham(bad time). it is not supposed to take birth in it so bad that jyeshta? i have one son on 14-9-10 at 10:55pm.local pandits are suggesting purna shanthi etc.
  2. Raj said on Oct 12, 2010 01:07 PM
    My DOB:28/03/1970,time:20:15PM. Place:HYDBAD-AP. I am also Jyeshta Nakshatra with tulla lagna,I am unable to settle professional and financial also. Please do suggest me the best Gemstone, for which I will grateful to you for the rest of the life.
  3. Nila said on Nov 02, 2010 10:40 AM
    hi i was born March 27,1962, 1:07 afternoon, Rajkot India... what is your advise for me?
  4. D.N.SHRUTHI said on Nov 15, 2010 12:24 AM
    What will be the nakshatra when a person is born on 24.December.1989
  5. sreekanth said on Nov 25, 2010 07:47 AM
    i feel myself unfortunate born in jyeshta nakshatra, pl let me know few famous personalities born in jyeshta nakshatra to build up my confidence. thank you
  6. Amruta otari said on Nov 27, 2010 03:16 AM
    i am born on 26/06/ naksatra is jyestha.please tell me this is bad for me.
  7. I.Ramanaganjaneyulu said on Dec 06, 2010 06:05 AM
    sir my zodiac is jyesta nakshtra and my date of birth is 26/10/1987.i was done my btech in 2009,from that day to upto now i am facing many problems and distrubed mind.can you help me what i do for a better success.
  8. Naimesh said on Dec 06, 2010 11:51 AM
    Dear Sir, I also have Jyestha Nakshatra in my birth chart.My date of birth is 27-8-82. Place is Mumbai and time is 17:35. I have completed 27 years of age and thinking to start my own business, please suggest the suitable business for me. and lucky gem stones. Regards Naimesh
  9. veluri v v s s p s srikanth said on Dec 07, 2010 06:00 AM
    i am born 20/06/1978 night 2.10am at ramarajulanka near rajolu east godavari district, jysta nakshatram, now i am an asst professor in private engineering college, besides i am doing insurence bussiness it seems to be good, but i have to involve into the bussiness fully, i have to put long leave to my profession is it right time to take leave and join in the bussiness and bussiness is sutable for me or not pls tell about these things thanking you
  10. raksha said on Jan 18, 2011 07:28 PM
    my son is born in jayestha on 13-10-1991,Ahmedabad,India. he is scorpian. libra lagna. how & in which sector he would progress?
  11. nethra said on Jan 19, 2011 01:16 PM
    Dear Sir, Pls tell me the exact pada (charana) of my birth star. Following is my birth details. DOB 3rd June 1985 Time 11.30am place- Shikaripura (karnataka)
  12. sri lakshmi said on Dec 31, 2010 06:37 AM
    i am born on 22-05-1970. my nakshatra is jyeesta. please how is 2011 and what is my future financial and love life
  13. ramya said on Feb 21, 2011 07:15 PM
    hello sir.. As i am a bharani nakshatra and i gt an alliance,as he is a jyeshta nakshtra...can these two nakshatras match?is there a gud compatibilty plz let me knw..
  14. Raju.Mudaliar said on Feb 06, 2011 01:37 PM
    My DOB:19/10/1988,time:17:30 PM in Dusherra(Sarswati Pujan). Place:TamilNadu Tirunelveli.I am a Tiruvonam Nakshatra with Capricon,I am unable to settle professional and financial also. Please do suggest me the best Gemstone, for which I will grateful to you for the rest of the life.
  15. Raju.Mudaliar said on Feb 06, 2011 01:37 PM
    My DOB:19/10/1988,time:17:30 PM in Dusherra(Sarswati Pujan). Place:TamilNadu Tirunelveli.I am a Tiruvonam Nakshatra with Capricon,I am unable to settle professional and financial also. Please do suggest me the best Gemstone, for which I will grateful to you for the rest of the life.
  16. nayana said on Feb 16, 2011 11:33 AM
    i born in 1986 october.., in jyesta nakshtra 4th paada.., but i dont the birth time can u suggest me the time which falls to jyesta nakshtram.., i need this for marriage purpose.., please mail me...,
  17. Yougesh said on Feb 16, 2011 01:01 PM
    I too feel that it is very in auspiciuos to boen in jyestha Nakshatra & Gan mool shanti is required . I am facing a very bad phase & may be other fcators also influencing DOB-25-7-1969, Time-22:30 Dehradun
  18. shresta said on Feb 16, 2011 08:32 PM
    dear sir as i am a bharani nakshatra and i gt an alliance,as he is a jyeshta nakshtra...can these two nakshatras match?is there a gud r bad compatibilty plz let me knw..
  19. shrikant agashe said on Mar 14, 2011 10:57 PM
    my DOB is 25th March 1973 11:58PM.jyeshtha nakshatra scorpian. Due to circumstances i have to change my profession every two years.i have been very successful as a trainer/teacher/motivator.i m planning for own coaching class. plz suggest remedy to prevent problems.
  20. CHALLA SRINIVAS said on Mar 09, 2011 06:07 PM
    My son born on jan 2011. Suryapet Nalgonda Dist. AP. time 09-46 am in jyesta nakshtra 4th paada.., suggest my son the time which falls to jyesta nakshtram.., please mail me..., Please do suggest me the best Gemstone, for which I will grateful to you for the rest of the life. how & in which sector he would progress?
  21. yashoda said on Apr 28, 2011 02:02 PM
    i am born 15-4-1971 5.15 AM.jyestha nakshtra scorpian.I am facing bad phase but i am always help full And luck for others.Pl,tell me , this nakshatra is good or not
  22. krishna kishore said on May 03, 2011 10:45 AM
    my dob 21.10.82 still i am not getting job this jesta is good for me what can i do while getting the job plz tell me.
  23. Akhil said on May 04, 2011 12:53 PM
    i am born on 01-01-1984. my nakshatra is jyeesta. please how is 2011 and what is my future financial and love life
  24. ch.sravani said on Jun 07, 2011 12:31 PM
    can a girl born with jyeshta nakshtra marry the elder son of the family...??
  25. santhosh b said on Jun 07, 2011 09:28 AM
    Good morning sir,My date of birth is on 30/12/1986,jyesta nakshatra,vrishchika rashi.Time:2.10 AM..Place:Mangalore,karnataka..Can u send me an email,about what my future look like..It will be so kind of u...Thank u..
  26. jyothi said on Oct 09, 2011 07:55 AM
    i born in 1976 aug 5th. am divorced now.let me know future and is it good to get re- marriage
  27. shahid said on Nov 23, 2011 12:31 PM
    November 23rd, 2011 at 6:48 am Whats my lucky stone??? hi, The date of birth is the 28th.12.1970Who coud tell me what coud be my lucky stone?Or tell me any indian horoscope free sites.thanks
  28. dipakbhayani said on Oct 23, 2011 05:45 PM
    hello sir, my b'day is not fix but day is wednesday 1987, jyeshta vad 15 on day birth palce is gujrat, bhavnager village :otha tell me the day is wednesday 1987, jyeshta vad 15
  29. Nitin said on Nov 24, 2011 09:43 PM
    Nitin new delhi DOB 18/05/1992 And my nakshatra iS jyestha someproblemeS and struggle in hiS life
  30. manohar said on Nov 02, 2011 05:02 AM
    hi sir my name is manohar i am from hydrabad , my date of birth is on 07/08/1986.acording to time i am in jyesta nakshatra , and nothing going good 4 me canu help me out
  31. Sudha Bhat said on Nov 26, 2011 04:35 PM
    I am born 1-5-1964. Moola Nakshathra. Pls suggest a lucky gem stone for my star and dob.
  32. Nishant Karmavat said on Nov 10, 2011 04:59 PM
    Respected sir my date of birth is 5/7/1990 i am born in jyestha nakshatra i am always facing difficulties in my life in whatever i do and also disturbed since childhood and i m always unsettled my life be like this all the time as also i m now entering my sadesati which will be ending in 2020. what should i do sir.
  33. Mallikarjuna said on Nov 15, 2011 04:08 PM
    Which is my lucky stone for progress in all aspects? How would be my business and family - children settlement? Any chance of going abroad ? 06 June 1961 06:40 Am chitradurga, karnataka
  34. Jyoti said on Dec 01, 2011 08:55 PM
    m born on 13th oct 1991,mumbai, 7:37am..hav faced career change as this unpredictability of this nakshatra depicts..mixture of mars and m a girl totally maritan qualities wid a sharp tongue fr communication is seen..
  35. priyanka.s said on Dec 02, 2011 09:30 PM
    What will be the nakshatra when a person is born on 19th august 1991 at 1.32am???
  36. swetha said on Dec 09, 2011 04:22 PM
    my date birth is april 7th, 1988...i want to know about my future
  37. Rabi said on Dec 17, 2011 03:24 PM
    What will be the rasi and nakhatra when a person was born on 27th december 1970.
  38. sheetal said on Dec 19, 2011 01:37 PM
    i born on 21/2/1987 my nakshtra is jyeshta how is my love life and financial status.
  39. Narendra Kadwadkar said on Jan 08, 2012 09:38 PM
    This is very informative site. Gives correct characteristic of nakshtra. Want ur help for DOB:28July1947.Time:15:40hrs Mumbai. My present 5 years business of wellness industry have no success or profit. Expenses are more than its Profit. Suggest remedies.
  40. Vishwajeet said on Dec 31, 2011 04:44 PM
    Sir, Birth Date - 31.08.1975 Birth time - 16.30.00 Moon sign - Gemini and Nakshatra - Mruga I have not yet settled in life and I have not passing out the CA exams till know since I started in year 2000. Please tell me When I will settle in life. Thanks Vishwajeet
  41. usha said on Jan 01, 2012 12:43 AM
    Namaste guruji, My brother Prashanth. Time of birth 2nd Feb 1986, 6-15am, Davanagere, karnataka, . Plz tell me about his health and career. He has done his BE in computer science. But still now he is not getting job.
  42. poonam trivedi said on Jan 17, 2012 11:33 PM
    my question to you that when will be i get married, my date of birth is 23-10-1987
  43. malleshappa said on Jan 19, 2012 02:23 PM
    respected sir, DOB 20.05.1962,5.30AM pl., tell me my birth rashi, nakshtra,and suitable gem stone.
  44. Alphonsa said on Jan 20, 2012 01:38 PM
    Sir My DOB IS 14/10/1980 - Birth Time -9 30PM, pls tell me about her carrer, health,family life,
  45. avanthi said on Jan 25, 2012 02:52 PM
    namaste sir my baby born on oct 30th 2011 12.28pm sunday yamagundam jyesta nakshatram is yamagundam impacts on baby's career. is any impacts are there plz tell guruji
  46. burra.vijayalakshmi said on Jan 29, 2012 12:50 PM
    my name is vijayalakshmi.may be havejest3rd padam.dob 1.7.66.presently ihave bad period.plese how is it problem me.
  47. chaitra said on Feb 07, 2012 11:04 PM
    Can you tell the characterstics of vrischik rashi with jeshtha nakshtra
  48. amit said on Feb 13, 2012 12:49 AM
    Hi guruji, My date of Birth 24-12-1981 Time :8:40 pm place :chandpur(Bijnore distt), i was born in jyestha nakshtra.plz tell me about my future and my marriage. Thanks Amit
  49. Nikhila padamam.l.s said on Feb 22, 2012 11:55 AM
    Wat z my career life nd mariage life...i hve medium education and wealth. I born 27 june 1980. Friday 10 am. Ten minte. Can i get my future predictions
  50. padmanabham said on Mar 09, 2012 02:28 PM
    i birth in 1973 august 24 i have no childern
  51. Antima Tiwary said on Mar 12, 2012 03:17 PM
    my birth date is 27 march 1987 and timing is 4:45pm ...what abt my professional and professional life
  52. varsha said on Mar 13, 2012 04:23 PM
    guruji , my doughter born in jayestha nakstra she is elder one i have to ask you i have to any puja for her she is not married.she is born 24 nov 1984 .Thanks
  53. Deepak said on Mar 14, 2012 02:27 PM
    I was born on 5-8-1987.Near bangalore .my nakstra is Jyestha.I wanted to change my job profile.Will that happen .tell me abt my career life.
  54. srikant said on Mar 18, 2012 03:39 PM
    Please give me the details of my jyeshta nakshtra from jan-2012 onwards.
  55. S.RI KANT said on Mar 18, 2012 03:45 PM
    my date of birth and time is follows: please send me the details after jan-2012. DOB 04-09-1965 AT 4.25AM I WAS BORN IN KAIKALUR KRISHNA DT OF AP.
  56. Isaac Vijay Doss s said on Mar 27, 2012 02:45 PM
    Respected Sir, I born in Bharani nakshatra My Wife is jyeshta nakshatra My elder son is swathi nakshatra my younger son is purva bhadrapada(one) Now i am settling but is there any bad in future please tell me, thank you.
  57. mamtachowdhury said on Apr 06, 2012 06:18 PM
    iborn in gandamoola nakshatra what are the remedies pleasetellme till now no marriage happend 6th august 1965 10 pm at night kolkata
  58. sushma said on Apr 12, 2012 09:50 PM
    Mine is kritika nakashatra 2nd pada,vrishaba rashi
  59. vinod M said on Apr 19, 2012 10:07 AM
    Hi Sir I am born on 19th of december 1987,jesta nakstra born on 10.15PM saturday,Vashista gothra kindly suggest my future. as i have opened my smartphone website recently and also tell about my future how is it going to be. will be waiting for your reply .
  60. Kumar said on Apr 20, 2012 04:48 PM
    Hello ..Im with jyesta nakstra..can i marry a arudhra woman?
  61. vajja divya said on Apr 21, 2012 01:25 PM
    i was born on 18th of march 1990,on 06.18pm.recently got job tell me about my future regarding to my job and married life
  62. jayakumari said on Apr 24, 2012 02:58 PM
    how is my married life?
  63. B H VIDHYASHREE said on May 24, 2012 09:31 PM
    How is my Education?
  64. basavaraj said on Jun 01, 2012 01:32 PM
    DOB is 26/10/1976, time of birth is 17.57 and place of birth is dharwad, karnataka. Please suggest something
  65. shakuntala said on Jun 04, 2012 01:44 PM
    Please let me know the luck and characteristics of jyesta nakshtra lady
  66. nitin said on Jun 08, 2012 05:30 PM
    dob: 01/01/1984 time:2:26 AM ....kindly provide some details about future
  67. Kala said on Jun 11, 2012 09:14 PM
    DOB - 12/07/83 time: 11.00 AM Husbands's DOB 24/07/80 time 2.00 PM Marriage date: 22/04/11 time 9.30 AM please let us know about our compatablity in future.
  68. ashwin said on Jun 13, 2012 12:59 PM
    my date of birth is december 1 at 1978 what is my raashi and star and tell about my life future
  69. sravana kumar said on Jul 07, 2012 08:10 PM
    HI my date of birth is 05-05-1986 time 12.45pm can u please tel me when will i get job
  70. gayathri said on Jul 19, 2012 09:57 PM
    my date of birth is 18-10-1987,my star is makha,can u tel me when wil i get job and also about my future.
  71. Puli Dipti said on Jul 26, 2012 01:54 PM
    My daughter is 17/08/1983, Hyderabad (AP) in Jyestha Nakshtra. Kindly reply me what would be the consequences and expected period of her marriage
  72. N Santosh said on Aug 12, 2012 01:34 PM
    i m bron in jestha nakshatra date 11-07-1992,i am doing btech in hyd plz tell me about my job plz send email
  73. sunil kumar singh said on Aug 18, 2012 04:29 PM
    my daughter DOB is 05-09-2011 may i get whther it is auspiciou or not,also suggest your views for best future
  74. Pilli srinivas said on Aug 26, 2012 07:22 PM
    Sir, my DOB 17-09-1989 i was born at around 9 to 10am so tel me my rasi, nakshathra, gothram.,
  75. Nishant said on Sep 08, 2012 12:21 PM
    guruji plz reply so that i can understand my situation better.
  76. amrita said on Sep 16, 2012 10:23 PM
    Dear sir, my DOB is 18 june 1989..(3.34am)plz tell me when i will get a job and when i will marry
  77. swathi said on Sep 20, 2012 03:50 PM
    hi..mine is jyestha nakshthra nd rshi is scorpio..DOB 8-june-1990..wen i get job??we i can settle??plz do tel me
  78. veena said on Sep 30, 2012 08:53 PM
    hi....mine is Jyestha nakshatra and rashi is scorpio......DOB 17/4/1987...When i ll get marry? plz tell me
  79. SIVA said on Oct 05, 2012 03:03 AM
    Guys, Don't think about your fate. Try work hard. I was also born in Jyestha Nakshatra. I settled very well in USA.. Nothing to do with when you born what you are.. Faith in yourself and god.. you will reach your goal.. Thank yo, Siva Nagi Reddy.
  80. dr kc karnam said on Oct 19, 2012 01:03 AM
    hello, iam kc karnam born in moola nakshtra,3rd quarter,dob is 30/04/1975,now iam 38 facing many problems since2000,ie suffered lot in all aspects of life,how is my future?2012is really worst till now.oh god let me know at last from you sir,
  81. vaidyanath . s said on Oct 22, 2012 12:33 PM
    What is my future i cant decide any thing and what kind of shanti done for me. an for what mt DOB:22-31987 regards Vaidyanath
  82. Deepak said on Nov 02, 2012 03:01 PM
    namaste guruji.My baby girl was born on 08.08.2011 at 6:37 pm i khammam,Andhra Pradesh.It was monday n tithi is DASAMI.I wanted to know her nakshatrm bcos some astrologers say it is Anuradha 4th paada(according to Nemani,s) and some others say Jyeshta 1st paada.Which of these should be followed by me.
  83. PAVAN SATHYA said on Nov 13, 2012 09:13 PM
    hello sir i was born 02-12-1986 my star jyesta 2nd pada scorpion completed MCA 2011 but i did't get job till now can plz tell me my future
  84. Amit said on Nov 15, 2012 07:49 PM
    My Sister's birth date 17th August 1983 and timing was 11:45 PM. Please suggest is there any jyestha dosh or any other dosh in her janamkundali.
  85. veni said on Dec 10, 2012 05:00 PM
    my sister date of birth04.07.1983 but she is dont no her nakshtra plz tel her nakshtra her future
  86. S Lakshmi Prasanna said on Dec 17, 2012 03:51 PM
    My Grand Daughter has born on 05.09.2011 in Jyeshtha star people are telling it is not good one. can u suggest what to do.
  87. anuradha said on Dec 21, 2012 04:56 PM
    I was born feb 11th 1980 time 4.30am in early hours. can you please tell me how is my life in career and family life with my partner.
  88. Anu Surya said on Dec 28, 2012 02:12 PM
    Hii, Even i am also born in Jyesta Nakshatra.Why Jyesta Nakthra has too much of negative side & Astrologers telling its bad one?Why they have lot of Doshas,Hurdles in their life?is there any parihara??
  89. s said on Jan 18, 2013 01:43 AM
    iam born on 18june 1989,9.56am.. Gender:female,jyeshta nakshatra i want know about my spouse,marriage time,carrier etc... And any chances to settle in abroad? And death that possible to find about death.. My astrologer said that i will get married after 2013july
  90. yamuna said on Jan 21, 2013 02:04 PM
    my birth star is jyeshta
  91. durga praveena said on Jan 29, 2013 04:50 PM
    Dear sir, my DOB is 08-march-1984(7.10 am)gender:female at Eluru(west godavary) andhrapradesh,india. plz tell me when i will marry and i want know about my spouse. we r getting so many matches but no one is setting
  92. jyothi said on Jan 31, 2013 10:18 AM
    i was born on aug 5th1976. after my marriage i didnt have peaceful life. i have daughter now. ihave divorced 2 years back. iwant know about re-marriage. many alliance are coming.
  93. neha said on Feb 19, 2013 04:01 PM
    can a girl born with jyeshta nakshtra marry the only elder son of the family
  94. Navin said on Mar 10, 2013 03:09 PM
    I am blessed with baby boy on 6th Feb 2013 , timing 5.13 am, Nakshtra Jyeshta. I just want to know abt his nature and other things
  95. Amit Makwana said on Mar 12, 2013 10:18 AM
    I am blessed with Baby Boy on 6th Feb 2013, Time: 5.07 am, Nakshtra: Jyeshta. I want to know that, is this a Bad Nakshtra. I have to go for any Vidhi or what ? Please suggest, anything require to be done from my side to prevent from any bad things.
  96. ravichandran said on Mar 28, 2013 11:13 AM
    The girl proposed to my son is birth star is Jyeshta, how will be the marriage life if they get married.
  97. Satyanarayana A T said on Apr 08, 2013 08:57 PM
    Hi , I beleive in astrology and i want to know my nakshatra ...My birth date is january 5th 1985
  98. yogesh panchal said on Apr 09, 2013 08:20 AM
    date of born 7/7/1960 time 7.57am this moment my Carrier is total loss i have no money and not home so please advise to me
  99. lavanya said on Apr 10, 2013 02:06 PM
    1989female when will i get marriage jyesta nakshtra scorpio plz give rep
  100. yashodha said on Apr 24, 2013 07:32 PM
    hello sir i am yashodha my DD OF BIRTH is 18/8/1991 now i am doing final year BE, please tell about my future i have a plan to do higher studies and also to get good job please suggest me the way.
  101. Rajesh said on Apr 25, 2013 10:19 AM
    Sir my name?: Rajesh and DOB 21-10-1982, time 2:55am I'm having some health problem from last 3 years and not settled in my profession career till now, and tell me when it is good or right time of my marriage.
  102. Anirudh said on Apr 29, 2013 05:19 AM
    Sir, My D.O.B is 02/05/1991 at 04:44AM at Hyderabad (A.P) Jyestha nakshatram Vrischika rasi.i am very poor in my education I uave been changing colleges very frequently and recently I have changed my course from engineering to commerce side.please tell me which field is best for me.And is my life going to be this dull all the time?
  103. Aparna Chandran.G.R said on Apr 30, 2013 10:53 AM
    sir I am Aparna.M DOB is 25/09/1990,time 11:45pm jyestha Nakshathra.there is some problems with my love life and I am so sad.i want to know about my marriage.will I get married to the one I love?
  104. sandeep krishnan said on May 01, 2013 02:56 PM
    My date of birth 13:05:1979, 11:55pm, hav financial issues and loss in earlier business. please guide me in this regards. Thank u
  105. Suman Kumar CHinni said on May 03, 2013 02:54 PM
    if the girl belongs to jyesta nakshatra then should she marry only the elder son.
  106. NITA said on May 19, 2013 08:55 AM
    Please let me know about my education and professional life.Born on 19/11/1990 4.28 am, Guruvayoor, Kerala.
  107. ravikumar said on May 21, 2013 05:15 PM
    how is 2013 for me kindly suggest some remedy i am facing lot of problems
  108. sonam sharma said on May 29, 2013 11:34 AM
    I m a 25yr old bith brth date is 7th april 1988 place -haryana (palwal) time 10.7pm I m doing phd in human development. dont knw why I m so lazy for my carrier I have no job not intrested in phd wrk nd exam prepation what can I do for develop a intrest in studies and find a job .its a vry necessasry
  109. suneer said on May 30, 2013 01:17 PM
    My baby boy born on 26.05.2013 .at 12.01 pm .thrikketta .I want to know is there any problem to him or his elders in our family due to his trikketta nakshatra .Pls send me his full specialities also .
  110. RAMALAKSHMI said on Jun 04, 2013 04:47 PM
    i was born on 8.01.1986 i think time is 5.15 to 5.30 how is my life, marriage, financial
  111. sai praveen marri said on Jun 27, 2013 10:31 AM
    sir iam chitha nakshatra boy with libra sign and i have one elder brother married (ashiwini nakshatra) . now iam looking at marriage match can i marry a girl who is jyesta nakshatra 1st pada with scorpio sign and she is first child in her family. plz let me thanks you
  112. mina said on Jul 02, 2013 04:31 PM
    my daughter was born on 11.06.1976 triketta nakshtra. Will she get married?
  113. uma said on Jul 03, 2013 05:32 PM
    i am dob is 2088.06.12. how will my life go on? my job and family life.
  114. anandh said on Jul 08, 2013 07:40 PM
    my dob is 21/05/1989 , how will my life and family
  115. PKR said on Jul 12, 2013 02:16 PM
    I am born on 05/02/1967. I am facing problems in my work as well as my work place. I work for a bank and also has got furniture business. Can you tell me what my future would be in the bank as well as in my business.I feel like leaving my bank job as I am not getting settled in the department and with working environment. My business is also not in good shape. Please advise what to do.
  116. srivatsan said on Jul 22, 2013 11:54 AM
    Sir, I am born on 8th january 1967. I planning to change my job, what are my future prospects, is sadesaathi going on, what are the effects of it. kindly advice
  117. Gireesh kumar said on Jul 24, 2013 02:10 PM
    Sir, My name is Gireesh kumar. I am jyestha nakshthra. I born in 15-12.1975. In spite of severe efforts, I am very much struggling financially.what will be do? Gireesh
  118. khushboo said on Aug 05, 2013 08:14 AM
    what's rashi for My baby girl was born on3rd august,2013 at 12:27 pm
  119. PAVAN KUMAR said on Aug 10, 2013 12:54 PM
    Hi my birth details are 17/07/1978 birth place adoni and time is 10.30 am,jyestha nakshatra ,its about my career it is not that great ,can you please tell me which stone i need to wear to which finger, weight of the stone etc ?
  120. s.yupeindaran said on Aug 24, 2013 01:18 PM
    i belong to jyesta star and finding struggles thro'out my life-personal and career.fighting-out is what happens to me.i strive for development in my carreer and everyday-life.any up-lifting remedies for jyeshta-padam-4 (d.o.b.-20-04-1965, madras,india) is welcome and appreciable.
  121. sneha chaudhari said on Aug 25, 2013 04:20 PM
    my birth date is 02/08/1990 place nagpur , Maharashtra .Time =02:15pm in jyestha nakshtra and lagna is tauras. i am not getting a job since from 2yrs here pandit said me to do jyestha nakshtra shanti. Give some remedies
  122. UMESH JOSHI said on Aug 29, 2013 11:30 PM
    Dear sir please tell me i am kratika lag man and like a jyesta nakshstra-3 girl can i marry with her and can i will be spend happy life with her.
  123. S.Vijayalakshmi said on Aug 30, 2013 07:20 PM
    I'm born on 23October 1990.How will be my future.Plz tell me about my career and marriage life?
  124. B Manjunatha said on Sep 26, 2013 02:13 PM
    Sir My date birth is 07/05/1966 at 2 AM. How is my future pl advice me
  125. Karthik R said on Sep 28, 2013 03:50 PM
    Sir my date of birth is 19/11/1990 at 2;00 am in egmur ,chennai,tamil nadu plz tell me suittable name & my horoscope when i get good job. Till now i can not complete my tasks & goals & last 2 years my education field is very worst plz help me
  126. Harichand Prasad said on Oct 11, 2013 02:03 PM
    Dear sir, I am blessed with baby boy born on 30th September 2013, time 10:40 pm place: Mumbai Maharashtra, I want to know his Nakshatra,Rashi and kindly suggest starting letter for his good name.
  127. kalyani .suvvari said on Oct 13, 2013 02:00 PM
    my name is suvvari.kalyani dob :04-05-1988 time :9 02am jeyastha naksatram can i get job in state bank po officer in the coming two years
  128. Stephen Velladurai Rajan said on Oct 14, 2013 03:36 PM
    My name is Stephen V. Rajan born on 4th October 1974 at 12.45pm. Kindly let me know about my future job and whether i will ever have a child in my life.
  129. anushiya said on Oct 17, 2013 07:56 PM
    i was born in 1993/12/13 3;36pm (according to nepali tym in kathmandu)m jytha nakshatra wid scorpio as me about my profession in future.
  130. jaga said on Oct 17, 2013 08:04 PM
    jyestha born stars Elvis Presley Tom Cruise Dennis Hopper Brad Pitt
  131. Rajya Lakshmi said on Oct 31, 2013 05:45 PM
    Sir my name Rajyalakshmi my date of borth is july 1st 1985...Time 10.45 AM plz tell me my future iam suffering somany prbms & when i will get marriage plz tell me plz suggests me sir give me the solution........
  132. P.T.kumari said on Nov 08, 2013 12:47 PM
    sir, my husband DOB 17th jan 1977 earlymorning around 4 to 5 am. he started bussines but it is not running successfully. and we dnt have children also. we are facing many financial problems and mental tentions. will u pls tell the soluation...
  133. nandhini said on Nov 11, 2013 04:18 PM
    sir, i was born on 9/10/1993 scorpio and jyeshtha nakshatra. wil tis hav any impact in my love life. my partner is tula rasi swati nakshatra.. wil the matches be ok?
  134. Srinivas karanam said on Nov 10, 2013 05:26 PM
    My date of birth 29.06.1977 please s Plz tell me about my career and marriage life?
  135. Raju said on Nov 21, 2013 03:30 PM
    sir, i was born on 28/9/1979 early morning and jyeshtha nakshathra.wat will be in my futur eis it good or bad.and my wife is in makayira nakshathra in midhunam .is our relation is sucessful...?
  136. venkatesh said on Nov 26, 2013 12:08 PM
    my date of birth is 26-06-1991 and time is 2:00 am,at hyderabad.plz tell me my career and future.when i did get a job.
  137. Ryan said on Dec 09, 2013 12:01 AM
    Dear sir, my son is born in jyeshta nakshathra 03/12/2013 8:45 am kerala, Can you tell me it is good or bad, also the solutions
  138. Naveen said on Dec 11, 2013 02:45 PM
    sir, i was born on 12-Dec-1979 scorpio and jyeshtha nakshatra. I am Kindly let me know about my future job and whether i will ever have a child in my life.
  139. gowtham said on Dec 15, 2013 11:38 PM
    ia the elder boy of my family i want to marry elder girl of another family it is safe to me or not?
  140. V SESHAGIRI said on Dec 23, 2013 05:18 PM
    Hai sir my daughter born on date 03-12-2013.she born in jyestha nakshatra,i want know the good and bad about the it necessary to do shanti for my child.if necessary what shantis i have to do. please suggest me
  141. Ambrish Mishra said on Dec 26, 2013 05:37 PM
    I am born on 21-06-1986 ,time 02.30 p.m. in Allahabad. I am completed diploma as well as B.E. in EEE. but i have not secure 65% in both . What is my future.
  142. yashvi said on Jan 07, 2014 03:04 AM
    my daughter born on 6th nov 2013. she is Scorpio with jyeshtha nakshater so she has moola nakshatra. Please tell us what we can do for yashvi
  143. hira said on Jan 16, 2014 02:55 PM
    jyestha nakshatra living in which facing house is best.
  144. SNBNRB said on Jan 23, 2014 02:40 PM
    my date of birth is 15-01-1969 and timeNRB is 1:00 am,at Mumbai.plz tell me my career and future.when will i get a new job.
  145. vijayalekshmi.s said on Jan 31, 2014 05:41 AM
    i am born on 22.08.1984 my nakshatra is makayiram. please how is 2014 and what is my future financial and love life
  146. seema said on Feb 11, 2014 02:25 AM
    am born on 16'th feb 1988,i dont know my nakshtra and gothra can you please tell about my kundali in detail,in my home parents are searching for guy but my bad luck not getting good praposals.
  147. ARJUN KUMBLE said on Mar 08, 2014 06:21 AM
    how is my professional life
  148. ARJUN KUMBLE said on Mar 08, 2014 06:21 AM
    my dob 21.07.1983 how is my professional life
  149. Rajya Lakshmi Challa said on Apr 01, 2014 09:19 AM
    Dear Guruji, Iam Rajya lakshmi my DOB is July 1st 1985 time 10.45 AM. Please tell about my feature and my Marriage. Please guruji my parents are seen so many matches but its not setting why guruji.
  150. neha said on Mar 30, 2014 07:17 AM
    my name is neha date of birth is 22-08-1988.i born in jyestha nakshtra. wen will i get married and wen will i get good job ???
  151. Amrita said on Mar 31, 2014 06:58 AM
    Hi all, Believe in yourself and do ur hardwork. Your destiny will be changed with ur karma as mentioned in Gita. If you leave everything on astrology then u will never get success in life.
  152. pendyala hari babu said on Apr 08, 2014 03:15 AM
    my son was born on 23/03/2014 at 5.58 AM of Jyestha Nakshatra of 3 padam give me details about what are the effects and shanti pooja's please send as early as possible mobile no. 9849659059
  153. Nivedita Bhagat said on Apr 16, 2014 12:15 AM
    I M 26 Yrs.And still single i having problem in matching the kundali of Scorpio Jyesta .when i will get married?????????
  154. Danush said on Apr 22, 2014 06:54 AM
    my son was born on 09/12/2013 at 10.30 PM of Jyestha Nakshatra of 3 padam give me details about what are the effects and shanti pooja's please send as early as possible mobile no. 9901011752
  155. suru said on May 02, 2014 04:17 AM
    Hello sir, my birth date is 11/11/1988. Birth time 7:50pm.i am born in jayestha nakshatra. Meri saddi ki baat me hmesa se koi na koi problem aati hai.aur sach khu to khi saddi ki baat hi nhi hoti. In fact me ek doctor hu.phir bhi aisa ho raha kya aur mere parents bhi badi chinta me hai.please kuch help kijiye.aapki bahut aabhari rahungi.
  156. Neeraj Kumar Lohar said on May 10, 2014 11:08 PM
    sir i m manglik + Jyestha nakshatra n my date of birth is 19-17-1986 time 2:10 at night. i hv lots problems help me sir....
  157. vaishali said on May 21, 2014 12:23 AM
    Hello, Can you please tell me if the Jyestha dosha is applicable to me as the alliance I am interested in has an elder brother. Dob: 02-09-1987 11:22 AM, Ranebennur Karnataka.
  158. rokad vimal said on Jun 07, 2014 08:41 AM
    sir, i have a son of 10 years old who born on 11. 07.2003 in jayestha nakshatra. At present he is very angry in small thing and very lazy. Pandit says for jayestha nakshtra shanti. Please tell me it is necessary or not
  159. vilasini said on Jun 07, 2014 03:33 PM
    Hello sir, my birth date is 15/03/1955,birth time is 4:10pm.I am born in Jyestha nakshatra in 1st pada.I am having lot of health problems as well as monitory problems.How to do Moola shanti of this nakshatra.please explain me. Pl. help me sir, I am very much thankful to you..
  160. gayathri said on Jun 12, 2014 04:49 AM
    my name is gayathri dob 14.06.1985 6.01 Am and my hus name is sanyasirao dob 12.08.1984 12 Pm my marriage date 02.03.2014 iam and my hus also elders in our families, i am hearing some peoples two elders in family not good for marriage. now i am suffering for me and my husband. please suggest me my marriage good or not
  161. Edavalli Pandu Ranga Vital said on Jun 19, 2014 10:59 PM
    I date of birth is in the month of June,1980.My nakshatra is Moola nakshatram. Plz give date of birth and jathakam.
  162. Hithaksh.N said on Jun 25, 2014 07:02 AM
    Need to know about my rashi
  163. lakshmi said on Jun 29, 2014 08:29 AM
    Born on 1 feb 1989 20:51, 11.21N, 78.16E namakkal. My nakshatra jeshta rashi scorpio, simha lagna. Plz tell me in which field I will success either in teaching, banking or designing? In which year I ll get marriage?
  164. Padmaraj said on Aug 07, 2014 07:36 AM
    Born on 29/12/1986 evening 6:45pm in Bellary , Karnataka . I am in problems I want to run supermarket . please suggest me it will suite me .
  165. sha said on Aug 18, 2014 10:33 PM
    I born 27-08-1983. my kidz born 20-07-2013. triketta. in kerala has there any problem. bcz I am facing job problems. Please mail me.
  166. suprith said on Sep 14, 2014 06:31 AM
    Cut the crap .. no Naksahtra is bad. if,so only at the time of birth, not forever. Please understand the astrology if not complete , a glimpse of it . Ppl of jyeshta have immense agression , power , command - why call it bad!
  167. Shruti KAushik said on Sep 18, 2014 04:03 AM
    please suggest me what was the date of 2 date of 2 jyeshth in 1971
  168. Yeshma said on Sep 30, 2014 12:50 AM
    Born on 27th April 1986. Jyeshta nakshtra , vruschika rashi , 10:32 am, facing lots of problems in personal and professional life , pls suggest some remidies !!!
  169. Yawan said on Oct 05, 2014 04:37 PM
    Hello Sir I am also of jyesth nakshtra, Is it possible to marry a girl having jyesth nakshtra.Girl has an elder brother.
  170. lavkumar said on Oct 13, 2014 07:49 PM
    my daughter is born on 08-09-89 jeystha star 2 padam, how is her marriage prospects and any pooja has to be performed for her welfare please suggest us.
  171. vivek acharya said on Oct 14, 2014 03:46 AM
    telling full jataka phaja
  172. surya said on Oct 23, 2014 04:45 AM
    I dnt no my rashi
  173. bhawana subedi said on Nov 13, 2014 04:14 AM
    sir I am a girl born on 24 jestha 2042 B.S. I am leading a school? will that be successful or not ? Please let me know. thank you
  174. rashmi said on Nov 13, 2014 07:52 PM
    Sir, Since my sade sati started i am faceing lot of problems, I try to control of not opening my mouth I will land up quarrelling, some bad things happens please let me know about till when it will continue. My birth date 10-01-1975, 6.25 am Friday Bijapur Karnataka. with regards rashmi
  175. s.srimatha said on Nov 14, 2014 05:47 AM
    Iam also born in 20-02-1960. I am also unlucky. whether my jyshtanakshtra is good or bad kindly intimate me.
  176. rashmi bidap said on Nov 15, 2014 11:52 AM
    my date of birth 10/01/1975 6:25 am Bijapur, my sade sati as started like to know what are the effects on me, How to control? I am facing problems now.
  177. Priya said on Nov 16, 2014 10:33 PM
    My sister was born on 1 march 1988, time 11:30 a.m. I want to know gand mool nakshtra dosha of march 1988 to find that whether she was born in gandmool or not plese help me for that.
  178. yedukondalu.velisala said on Nov 27, 2014 11:08 AM
    Sir,my dob is 19 may 1973.I am jyesta nakshatra simha lagna jataka men.Sir I am facing more financial and job settlement problems .please give one good remedy to my life.
  179. rashmi said on Nov 28, 2014 02:31 AM
    i am born on 10-01-1975,6:25 am friday bijapur. my nakshatra is jyeesta, vrichika rashi fourth pada. please how is 2011 and what is my future financial and love life my husband's born on 15-08-1976 12:35pm
  180. m said on Dec 06, 2014 02:23 AM
    dob is is my love and married life?
  181. s.nalini said on Dec 06, 2014 04:49 AM
    I born in thursday 29,july at 7.30 raasi is star is kettai.i want to know when will i get job,when will i get marry?how my husband will be?
  182. Jayanti said on Dec 08, 2014 12:13 AM
    Sir,my dob is 3rd july 1987.I am hasta nakshatra kanya lagna jataka women.please tell me would i will got abroad or not in future
  183. Chinnathambi said on Dec 17, 2014 12:47 AM
    My date of birth is 26.11.1992,, Plz tell me about my studies, job & My life
  184. jose said on Dec 17, 2014 03:40 AM
    26-4-1978 10.30 am,my star is thriketta,i want to know about my future life,if any problem how can i solve, now my life is going too kindly give me good advise. thanxxxxxx
  185. sanju s said on Dec 19, 2014 06:44 PM
    namasthe sir my DOB 24-08-1994 time 2:16 AM plz tell me about my studies and my love
  186. raji said on Dec 25, 2014 12:08 PM
    My d.o.b 17.2.1987.at3.42am tell me my rasi and nakshathra
  187. sadiq said on Feb 05, 2015 11:06 PM
    hello sir my date of birth is 22-11-1989 can u help me to know about my job and sucess in life
  188. JJEYASIMMAN said on Feb 08, 2015 07:52 AM
    Sir, i born on 5th March 1962@7.00 pm, Bentong, Malaysia. My star is Satabista, Rasi Kumbha. what is my lucky gem stone.
  189. K.R.MURALIKRISHNA said on Feb 11, 2015 06:59 AM
    he is very lease, in time no study and no-obedient with parents, he is not studying properly in time. he is appearing exam's thirsly for each semester and he will score less than 35 marks in each subjects. How is his feature's in life, and his behaviour's with parents.
  190. K.R.MURALI KRISHNA said on Feb 11, 2015 07:06 AM
    Date of Birth 08-05-1993 @ 8.15 A.M. on statuary @ Kadari, (Ananthapur Dist). He is no-obdient with parents & no complete studies. How is life in future for him and his parents.
  191. manjunath swamt said on Mar 12, 2015 03:13 PM
    Sir I was born in jyeshta nakahatra gourth charana, I am working in MNC as a sales nanager with good package, but the the thing is I am not getting the good professional growth at this juncture though I work very hard & achieving the target at this point in time,But I have very great urge to become individual business guy in near future right nowi dont shave llitof money to invest in business. So I need ur suggestion when I should syart my own business to get success in my life with great money & I need suggestions on what to do whether I have to go for business or to continue in job to get success because of this turmoil situation I am under great turbulence &turmoil, therefore I need your suggestion. I was born on 15.12.1982 @ channagiri of karnataka at 12:45 pm. Please suggest me on this.
  192. YASWANTH KUMAR said on Apr 09, 2015 07:33 PM
    Kindly suggest my life history what to do & not Important hints to fallow in my life.
  193. chandra kumari Dahal said on Apr 23, 2015 02:28 AM
    I hv lots of problem my birth date is 1994 june 4 and time 4:21 pm sunrise time please tell me about my future
  194. vijayanand said on May 08, 2015 06:17 PM
    Hi my date of birth is 23-1-1990 iam ready to marriage how will be my marriage life
  195. nishi said on May 29, 2015 09:06 AM
    can u help me
  196. shaikshavali said on Jun 02, 2015 09:09 AM
    dear sir, i hav to knw my lucky stone name jst. please tell me sir, 9:10am,16-10-1985 p.shaikshavali to informs plz......... e-mail me sir,
  197. geetha said on Jun 06, 2015 02:57 AM
    Sir, I born on 21/02/1979 morning between 8.00AM to 9.30AM. Can u suggest which business will be good for me. Please e-mail me sir.
  198. kaatyayini said on Jun 09, 2015 12:45 AM
    My DOB was 15.11.1993. To whom (birth star), i (female) have to prefer to marry?
  199. Ranadeep Mothukuri said on Jun 09, 2015 09:11 AM
    Sir, I was I born in December 9,mean early morning 2.30,1988,near Markapuram, ongole dist, Andhra Pradesh. Some pandits say I belong to jyestha nakshatra,1 pada. Is it true, and can u tell me how my future gonna be and wht are the consequences I should face. And wht are the shanthis I can do to overcome hurdles. My carrier, future and marriage life. Thank You sir
  200. ARUN CHANDRAN said on Jul 09, 2015 04:46 AM
    My date of birth is 23.07.1991, time 1.56 p.m. Kindly calculate my married life
  201. Surya.S.R said on Jul 12, 2015 11:23 AM
    My DOB is 08/06/ my age 26. How is my marriage life?
  202. Bansilal said on Aug 18, 2015 03:47 AM
    Hello Sir, Im eldest in my family and born @ Jyesta nakshatra. Im facing too bad situations now. Please tell me any possible remedies.
  203. m p manoj kumar said on Oct 16, 2015 02:17 AM
    dear sir! my d.o.b is 26.06.1980. i am in sales field. lot of financial problems and believe it or not, not getting matches from last 5 years. i nakshatra is also jyesta and also i am the eldest son . plz suggest what to do?
  204. jhunu panda said on Oct 20, 2015 02:53 AM
    My horoscope 18/8, date of birth 06.09 1981.I am intersted in research will I get the research line.will I get clear my net.exam.plz suggest me
  205. S laxmanachary said on Nov 25, 2015 01:09 PM
    Its a very good explanation
  206. BODDEDABALASUBRAMANYAM said on Dec 07, 2015 05:36 AM
    i want a good future of my life tell me all details of my life
  207. Vasundhara Rudraraju said on Dec 09, 2015 06:56 PM
    Namaste sir, Iam female born on nakshatra is jyesta 1 pada and kanya lagnam.I like to know about my health and future.please let me know Thank you
  208. navya said on Dec 12, 2015 01:52 AM
    People says tht jestanakshatra is nt good is tht rights sir it hurt me all the time
  209. swarna said on Jan 02, 2016 01:09 PM
    my question is can a jeshta nakshatra girl can marry a jeshta nakshtra boy? i have seen people born in jeshta nakshtra are very nice and sincere.
  210. Nisha said on Feb 01, 2016 07:17 AM
    Are all these questions answered? Can a boy & girl born in jyesgtha nakshatra and boy bring the eldest in family marry each other? What can be post marriage challenges in their relationship?
  211. Parkavi said on Feb 01, 2016 10:41 AM
    I am born in 1990 23rd oct in kettai natchathira how is my future?
  212. Poorna said on Feb 03, 2016 01:10 PM
    Hai my child born today I.e 3.2.2016 10.25 pm he belongs to which star and padham
  213. Shruti said on Feb 28, 2016 12:37 PM
    Hi, I am shruti here,my dob is may 4th,1988(9:05pm).Mine is Vruschika raashi,Jeshta nakshtara.I got married on May27th,2013.There is problem in my married life,my husband has thrown out of house,I am staying in PG & working.I know,there is saade saathi for me now,will my problem solved/no.My husband dob is May14th,1983(8:35am).pls check.
  214. Sreenivas said on Apr 05, 2016 05:25 AM
    I am jaeshta nakshetra After a lot of struggle i started a hotel business but no customers very bad position
  215. Ashok Kr Nayak said on Apr 12, 2016 02:48 AM
    DOB 15/12/1963 at 7.30 p.m. in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Married and one female child. Service man. what fate reserved for me in life and family. for child, money matter promotion etc.
  216. punnia moorthy n said on May 19, 2016 10:18 PM
    Just read about Jyesta nakshatra natives.....Kindly explain about moola shanthi. Me born 19.09.1958 Marikuppam Kolar Gold Feilds Kolar District Karntaka. Traditionaly vaishanavas. Vishnu and Andal deities. I personaly believe in Christ too.
  217. Santhosh said on May 30, 2016 02:08 AM
    I M 28Yrs.And still single i having problem in matching Scorpio Jyesta .when i will get married?????????
  218. Susan said on Jun 07, 2016 08:10 AM
    Hi Sir My son born on 2015 feb 14th.His nakshatra s thrikketta.It says that babies born in this nakshatra can bring out dhoshas.Is this true?He born at 8.15am, which pada he belongs to...Hope you will reply
  219. Vasantha Dwarakanadh said on Jun 16, 2016 03:20 AM
    What is the pariharafor the dishes?
  220. Midhu said on Jul 25, 2016 06:59 AM
    My dob 26/10/1988, palakkad district Kerala, when I settle professionally, I am preparing for bank exam
  221. Ravinder Rayala said on Aug 06, 2016 12:37 PM
    my son was born19-12-1979 4.10 am at secunderabad in jaista nakshatra 4th padam , still he was not settled in his life when he will settle in his life and his marriage pl suggest some remadies for his life settlement and marriage as a father I am verymuch worried
  222. usharani said on Aug 10, 2016 04:12 AM
    My dob 26-12-1981,mornung 8 to 8.30,place of birth guntur.with saibaba blessing s I am I do not have job.when will I get good job with good salary?
  223. USHA said on Oct 01, 2016 02:57 AM
    l lacky stone & finger
  224. Nikesh chouhan said on Oct 04, 2016 08:31 AM
    sir i am nikesh chouhan my date of birth 21/09/1993 time 12:00am night. i am completed graguation before one year but i have no job plz do something for me and give me solutions.
  225. Kavitha said on Nov 02, 2016 12:53 AM
    Dear Sir/Madam, Looks like all jyestha nakshatra humans are facing similar problems in personal and professional life. I born on 19-07-1986 , time 6.14 am, chennai. Facing lot of issues, hatred by all Is this the life for jyestha nakshatra people. Please tell issues persisting in my life.
  226. vennela said on Nov 12, 2016 03:32 AM
    Dear sir/madam,I am vennela I was born on 26 February 1992 time evening 4:40 pm karimnagar completed my M.B.A. 2015.I am facing a lot of problems and till I am not settle in any job profession please tell when I'll get job and marriage
  227. jayakumar said on Nov 24, 2016 06:15 AM
    Unmarried,job not satisfied,own house no,any time mind think same one failure education disconnected not good life happy mind just go life track where?
  228. Nidhin said on Nov 25, 2016 02:14 AM
    Our life is based on our decisions,its not based on any nakstras.Beleive in yourself...
  229. prasath said on Dec 02, 2016 02:36 AM
    Unmarried , own house no , then some times I feel fearing about .. Now a days confidence is too low ...but I beloved only the god
  230. Mr Bhabani sankar Pati said on Dec 04, 2016 10:56 PM
  231. Haritha said on Jan 11, 2017 06:56 AM
    Hai I borned on 13-12-1993 my zodic sign is scorpio and nakshatra is jyeshta I failed in interviews I tried well nd I have a subject knowledge but I did not get jobs plz tell me when I'm get the job I'm trying for finance jobs
  232. Bhavin Parmar said on Feb 08, 2017 11:37 PM
    Hello sir, my nakshatra is jyetha , i am born on 23 aug,1996. Brahman say to me for a vidhi for jyestha naksatra. So plz u suggest me it nessesary or birthdate 23/08/1996,place is anklav,anand,gujrat and time is 18:00 . So plz suggest me and give me my full biography.

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