General Characteristics of Mount of Saturn

The mount of Saturn is found at the base of middle finger. It represents the love of solitude, prudence, silent determination, inclination towards mystic arts, belief in fatalism and in the ultimate destiny of all the things. A well-developed mount of Saturn indicates an analyst retreated in himself in the search of wisdom.

Elevation of Mount of Saturn

People with well-developed mount of Saturn are philosophical and always think about life and death. They find all the earthly things meaningless. These people are hard-working but fall in depression very easily. They are good followers of law and are introvert. The occupation of such people is related to manufacturing machinery or making sculptures.

The high elevation of mount of Saturn on a hand is considered inauspicious. The people with an over-developed mount of Saturn are always panic-stricken, sad, thinking of death, greedy, incredulous and have lack of enthusiasm towards life.

When the mount of Saturn in a hand is underdeveloped, the subject will be thoughtful and hard-working but will always stay away from taking risks. He will be satisfied in less salary unless there is no need to take risk.

Finger of Saturn

The middle finger is called the finger of Saturn. When the first section of finger of Saturn is long, the person is inclined towards the study of scriptures and mystic arts. When the second section of the middle finger is long, the person will be involved in the business of property, chemicals, fossil fuels or iron machinery. When the third section is long, it shows that subject is clever, selfish and is involved in malpractices.

Apex of Saturn

When the apex of Saturn lies on the mount of Saturn, it depicts that the subject is thoughtful, far-sighted and wise. When it is inclined towards the middle finger, the person has a keen interest in mystic arts. When the apex shifts slightly towards the mount of Apollo, the subject never agrees to the opinion expressed by anyone. A person becomes self-centered if the apex shifts towards the line of heart. He also becomes an introvert and stays away from a mob of people.