The Elementary or Lowest Type of Hand

This kind of hand is found in people of lowest mentality. It is coarse and clumsy with large, thick and heavy palm. The fingers and nails are short and clumsy. The palm is so short that it barely reaches the base of fingers. There is very little to be seen on the palm.

The person with an elementary hand depicts lack of enthusiasm, imagination and creativity. Such people are only concerned with their existence and avoid getting into an unusual situation. They live in their comfort zones and resist to get out of it. They live an aimless life and simply eat, drink, sleep and die.

The thumb of such a hand is short and thick with upper part or nail phalange heavy, full and generally square. Such people possess very less mental capacity and they are devoid of tender emotions. The people having this type of hand are mainly labourers and are involved in violent sports like boxing, wrestling etc.

The Spatulate Hand

The hand in which each finger resembles a spatula or the palm is unusually broad at the base of fingers is known as spatulate hand or active nervous type of hand. It gets its name from broad fingers which resemble the spatula which chemists use in mortars.

The spatulate hand when is hard and firm indicates a restless and excitable person. When the hand is soft and flabby, it denotes a restless but irritable spirit. Such people are very laborious and known for their originality. They are unique in themselves irrespective of their position and grade. Often they come up with a new thought which is not accepted widely but the truth is that they are the heralds of some great thoughts in the world.

This kind of hand of belongs to great navigators, explorers, discoverers and also of great engineers and mechanics but it is not necessary that it is confined to such people and may be found in almost every walk of life.

The Philosophic Hand

The name of such a hand is derived from the philosophical nature of subject. It is usually long and angular with bony fingers. The fingers in such a hand are well-developed and nails are long. It is not a favourable type to have as far the wealth is concerned but it is favourable for acquiring knowledge.

People with such type of hands are students of peculiar subjects. They love to be distinct from the other people and will go through all kinds of privations to attain this. Such kind of people are mysterious in their ways and a normal person cannot understand them. They are silent, secretive, deep thinkers, considerate and are proud of themselves. They enjoy being different and learn the field of knowledge whichever they are inclined towards secretively. This kind of hand is most prominently found among priests, poets, mystic preachers etc.

The shape of your hand and your personality