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Hindu Boy names that begin with the letter 't'

Here is a list of Hindu names for Boys that begin with the alphabet 't'.

Name Meaning
Taarank Part of a star
Taha Pure
Tahir Holy
Tahoma Someone who is Different with a Cute Personality
Tajdar Corwned
Taksa A son of Bharata
Taksha King Bharat's son
Takshak A cobra
Taksheel Someone with a strong character
Talaketu Bhishma Pitamaha
Talank Lord Shiva
Talin Lord Shiva
Talish Lord of earth
Tamal A tree with very dark bark
Tamas Darkness
Tamila Sun
Tamish God of darkness (moon)
Tamkinat Pomp
Tamoghna Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Tamonash Destroyer of ignorance
Tamra Copper Red
Tana Issue
Tanak Prize
Tanav Flute
Tanay Son
Tanish Ambition
Tanishq Jewel
Tanmay Absorbed
Tanuj Son
Tanul Tanvee Englightened
Tapan Hot season
Tapas Sun
Tapasendra Lord Shiva
Tapasranjan Lord Vishnu
Tapendra Lord of heat (sun)
Tapesh Full of moral virtue
Tapesh Full of moral virtue
Tapo Full of moral virtue
Taporaj Moon
Tarachand Star
Tarachandra Star & moon
Taradhish Lord of the stars
Tarak Protector
Tarakesh Stary Hair
Tarakeshwar Lord Shiva
Taraknath Lord Shiva
Taraksh Mountain
Taral Liquid
Taran Raft, heaven
Tarang Wave
Tarani Boat, sun
Taranjot Star
Taranjot Star
Tarendra Prince of stars
Taresh God of the stars (moon)
Tarik One who crosses the river of life
Tarit Lightning
Tarosh "Heaven, small boat"
Taru Small plant
Tarun Young
Taruntapan Morning sun
Tarusa Conquerer
Tathagat Title of the Buddha
Tatharaj Buddha
Tatya Lord Shiva
Tautik Pearl
Tavish Heaven
Teerth Holy place
Teerthankar A Jain saint
Tegvir Bright
Tegvir Bright
Tej Bright
Tejas Lustre; brilliance
Tejeshwar Lord of brightness
Tejomay Glorious
Thakarshi Lord Krishna
Thakur Leader; god
Thaman Name of a god
Thashan Lord Shiva
Thashan Lord Shiva
Thayalan Moon
Thayalan Moon
Thulasitharan Moon
Tilak Ornament, ornamental mark on fore-head
Timin Large fish
Timmy Disaple of Paul
Timothy Name of a saint
Tirranand Lord Shiva
Tirthankar Lord Vishnu
Tirthayaad Lord Krishna
Tirumala Seven hills
Tirupathi Seven hills
Tisyaketu Lord Shiva
Titir A bird
Toshan Satisfaction
Toya Water
Toyesh Lord of water
Trailokva The three worlds
Triambak Lord Shiva
Tribhuvan With knowledge of 3 worlds
Tridev Hindu Trinity (Bramha, Vishnu & Mahesh - the creator, sustainer, destroyer)
Tridhaman The Holy trinity
Tridhatri Lord Ganesh
Tridib Heaven
Tridiva Heaven
Trigun The three dimensions
Trigya Lord Buddha
Trijal Lord Shiva
Trikay Lord Buddha
Trilochan Three eyed
Trilok Three worlds
Trilokanath Lord Shiva
Trilokchand Moon of the three worlds
Trilokesh Lord Shiva
Trimaan Worshipped in three worlds.
Trimurti The Holy trinity
Trinabh Lord Vishnu
Trinath LOrd Shiv Tripur three cities
Trinayan Lord Shiva
Tripurajit Lord Shiva
Tripurari Name of lord Shiva
Trisanu An ancient King
Trisanu An ancient King
Trishanku An ancient King
Trishar Pearl necklace
Trishul Lord Shiva's trident
Trishulank Lord Shiva
Trishulin Lord Shiva
Trivikram An epithet of Vishnu
Tufan Storm
Tuhin Snow
Tuhinsurra White as snow
Tuka Young boy
Tukaram A poet saint
Tulsidaas Servant of Tulsi
Tulsikumar Son of Tulsi
Tunava A Flute
Tunda Lord Shiva
Tunganath Lord of the mountains
Tungar High, lofty
Tungesh Moon
Tungeshwar Lord of the mountains
Tungish Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Turag A thought
Turvasu A son of Yayaati
Tushaar Frost
Tusharkanti Lord Shiva
Tusharsuvra White as snow
Tusya Lord Shiva
Tuvidyumna Lord Indra
Tuvijat Lord Indra
Tyaagaraaj A deity
Tyagraja A famous poet

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