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Hindu Boy names that begin with the letter 'i'

Here is a list of Hindu names for Boys that begin with the alphabet 'i'.

Name Meaning
Ibhanan Lord Ganesh
Ichaa Desire
Idaspati God of rain (Vishnu)
Idhant Luminous
Ijay Lord Vishnu
Ikshan Sight
Ikshu Sugarcane
Ilashpasti Lord of the earth
Ilesh Lord of earth
Ilisa King of the earth
Ina Lord Surya
Inas Capable; Sociability
Indeever Blue lotus
Indivar Lord Vishnu
Indra God of the skies
Indraarjun Bright and brave Indra
Indradatt Gift of Indra
Indradyumn Splendour of Indra
Indrajit Victor over Indra
Indraneel Emerald
Indrasen Eldest of the Pandavas
Indrasena Daughter of King Nala
Indravadan The moon
Indravadan The moon
Indubhushan The moon
Induj Mercury ( planet )
Indukant Moon
Indulal Moon's lustre
Induleksh The moon
Indumal Lord Shiva
Indumauli Moon Crested
Indushekhar Shiva
Inesh Lord Vishnu
Inganam Knowledge
Inoday Sunrise
Ipsit Desired
Iraj Lord Hanuman
Iravan King of ocean
Iravat Rain clouds
Iresh Lord of earth, Vishnu
Ish Lord Vishnu
Ishaan Lord Shiva
Ishan The lord of wealth
Ishana Another name for Lord Vishnu
Ishat Superior
Ishayu Full of strength
Ishir Another name for agni
Ishit One who desires to rule
Ishwar Powerful, the supreme god

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