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Hindu Girl names that begin with the letter 'h'

Here is a list of Hindu names for Girls that begin with the alphabet 'h'.

Name Meaning
Haimavathi Godess Lakshmi
Haimi Golden
Hamsa Swan
Hamsavahini Who rides a swan; Saraswathi
Hamsini Who rides a swan; Saraswathi
Hansa Swan
Hansamala A line or row of swans
Hansini Swan and Beautiful lady
Haribala Daughter of Lord Vishnu
Harinakshi One with eyes like deer
Harini A deer
Haripriya Liked by Hari
Harita Green
Harper One who plays the harp
Harsha One who brings happiness
Harsha One who brings happiness
Harshal Glad
Harshi Joyous
Harshika Joyous, who gives happiness
Harshini Happy
Harshita Joyful; who brings happiness
Harsika Laugh
Hasina Good
Hasita Full of laughter
Heera Diamond
Heerkani Small diamond
Hem Golden
Hem Golden
Hema Golden
Hemadri Golden hills
Hemakshi Golden eyes
Hemal Golden
Hemalata Golden creeper
Hemangi Golden body
Hemangini Girl with golden body
Hemani Goddess Parvati
Hemanti Born in the Hemant season
Hemaprabha Golden light
Hemashri One with golden body
Hemavati Goddess Parvati
Hemkanta Golden girl
Hemlata Golden creeper
Henna Mehndi Hera = Queen of Gods
Hetal Timid
Hetal Timid
Hilla Timid
Hima Snow
Hima Bindu
Himagouri Parvati
Himaja Goddess Parvati
Himani Parvati
Hina A shrub
Hinda Female deer
Hiral Wealthy
Hiranmayi Golden girl
Hita Lovable
Hitaishi Well wisher
Hiya Heart
Hradini Lightening
Hridya Heart
Huma Bird of paradise
Humaila Golden necklace
Hyma Godess Parvathi
Hymavathi Godess Lakshmi

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