Your Lucky Gemstone is: Ruby

Leo Gemstone

Your ascendant is: Leo

Among auspicious gemstones RUBY (Manik or Chuni) will be favourable for you. You may take 3 to 5 Rattis of Ruby in a ring of Gold which should be worn on right hand ring finger on a Sunday. Cheaper substitute of Ruby is Surya-Kanta Mani or Lok Akeek which may be taken instead in a ring of Gold or Copper. While wearing the gemstone reciting the following 'Mantra' will be auspicious: Om Aasatyena Rajasaa Vartamano Niveshaayannamritam Mrityar cha Hiranyena Savita Rathenadevo Yati Bhuvana Vipashyat. The weights of gemstones recommended above are for adult male people. For adult females the weights should be reduced to 3/4 to 1/2 part while for the children the weights should be reduced to 1/2 to 1/3 part.