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Are you going to start a new journey today? This analysis will help you discover the prospects of success by checking your rashi with the lord of the weekday.

Vedic Astrology says that if you start the journey on a favrable day in the favorable direction then you will get a better outcome and better experience during the journey itself.

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Aries Journey on 22 February, 2017

Aries Mercury reigns as the lord of the day for Wednesday. Mercury favors the North direction. The Moon is placed in a fiery sign. It favours the East direction. So, it is auspicious for you to travel in the North direction, North-East and East. Try not to travel in the West and South-West as it may not suit you.

Worship Lord Shiva before starting your journey that will surely increase the chance of success. Also, do not forget to take care of the poor.

Worshipping the god of the related planets will reduce evil effects and bring success in your journey. Chant Mercury and Vishnu related mantras. To make you journey more successful, drink some previously boiled milk.

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