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Vedic Financial Analysis checks the suitability of a day for financial transactions for people of each Ascendant. The lord of the day and the lord of the Ascendant need to be in agreement to derive maximum benefits from financial transactions.

Through this analysis you can discover whether this a day to spend, save or hold.

If you don't know your Ascendant, you can find it from here.

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Capricorn Financial Analysis For 14 September, 2017

Capricorn Your birth ascendant is Cancer. Today is Thursday. This day restricts you from taking active part in any financial or business activities and advises you to maintain a simple life concentrating more on keeping a close watch on your business.

You may be able to earn through distributing money, and earning an interest on it. You may also earn money through carrying out Worships, citing Verses and Mantras from the Holy Books and performing Havan in temples as well as in various private places. You are likely to earn profit through the business concerning sale of various types of religious materials like, religious books, holy garments, Havan materials, pots/containers, incense sticks (Aggrabattis), pieces of sandalwood etc. You may be profited through the business of Gram this day. You are likely to have profit in the business connected with delicious fruit juices, may it be in open form or in the form of sealed containers.

White color is good for your business today. Avoid making any transactions with the money you have saved. Your prospects in obtaining profit from the business concerning the sale and purchase of horses, remain bleak. Putting stakes on horses may prove to be harmful for you.

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