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Vedic Financial Predictions

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Vedic Financial Analysis checks the suitability of a day for financial transactions for people of each Ascendant. The lord of the day and the lord of the Ascendant need to be in agreement to derive maximum benefits from financial transactions.

Through this analysis you can discover whether this a day to spend, save or hold.

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Aries Financial Analysis For 05 April, 2012

Aries Your birth ascendant is Aries. Jupiter is the day-Lord of Thursday, which is favorable to Mars, the lord of Aries- ascendant. This day seems to be favorable for the fields of economics, finances and business related matters.

You may go ahead with starting new projects, making financial investments, carrying out sale and purchase etc. You may take possession of places where vehicles are parked or may set up stands for facilitating parking of vehicles on your own land, which will provide you with a steady income.

These types of profitable businesses are bound to be profitable for you this day and may continue to be profitable for a long period. You may buy shares today, but you are cautioned that prior to entering into any financial investment you should fully consider the probability of losses, non-profitability and its negative aspects. This is because one sign of Jupiter also occupies the twelfth house from Aries ascendant. In case you put your best foot forward, then you will receive ample support.

You may incur some profits in construction business. Consider the pros and cons before investing money in the business. Taking up business in gram will also prove to be profitable for you. You may enjoy lifelong profitability in a business that is dependent on your knowledge. Businesses connected with holy places, connected with astrology, in items used in performing rites and rituals, in selling portraits of Gods etc may be good for you today.

If you are a true devotee, then you may start your business today after reciting the name of Ganesha. You may involve yourself in a partnership business or may invest in such businesses directly. In case you act in an unreligious manner or take up illegal practices, then it will be extremely unlucky for you. Through your sincere efforts, you will be benefited with financial growth and profit in business.

You may also opt for business of yellow colored materials. You may start a learning institute of your own or may invest money in the field of education and teaching. In case you intend to open a new account in some bank, invest money in the R.D. or F.D. account, as it will be profitable for you. If you invest money in the businesses related to silver, then it will bring you good profits.

For all Aries ascendants Thursday is highly favorable. If you make financial investments after careful consideration, then you may obtain prolonged happiness in your life.

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