Different Kind of Lal Kitab Horoscope - Lal Kitab Horoscope - Lal Kitab Kundali Types

Andhi Kundali

According to Laal Kitaab, some horoscopes or Kundalis are known as Andhi Kundali. If a birth chart contains more than two enemy planets in the 10th house, the horoscope is known as Andhi Kundali. The collision of two enemy planets in the 10th house makes the house inauspicious. This collision may create instability in employment and might give excessive difficulties to the native.

Aadhi Andhi Kundali

Aadhi Andhi Kundali is formed by the Yogas involving two enemy planets. Its formation is caused by conjunction of two enemy planets. If Sun is in the fourth house and Saturn in the seventh the the horoscope is called Aadhi Andhi Kundali. The native in this condition might have to undergo lots of sufferings in life work really hard to earn his living which leads to unstable and weak financial condition.

Dharmi Kundali

Dharmi Kundali depicts a horoscope in which the negative effect of malefic planets gets reduced to a certain level. If Rahu or Ketu is in the fourth house of a horoscope then it is classified as Dharmi Kundali. It is also formed if Rahu or Ketu are situated in any house of the horoscope along with moon. In both the condition, the effects of natural malefic planets gets reduces and the native attains auspicious results.

Kundali of Kayam Greh

A Kundli of Kayam greh means the presence of planets in a horoscope which are strong in every aspect and are not affected by any other malefic planet. If the enemy planets aspecting the kundali does not have any effect on the sustained planets then it gives auspicious results.

When the planets in your kundli are not affected by any enemy planet or its sign then it known as the kundali of kayam greh. In this kundali, an auspicious planet must not conjunct any enemy planet. It is also known as a planet of fortune or Kismat ka Greh.

Kundali of companion planets or Saathi Greh

When planets exchange places with each other in exalted sign, debilitated sign or in fixed houses, then a Kundali of saathi greh is formed. The inauspicious effects of planets that form companionship in this kundali are reduced and they give positive results.

Kundali of the Mukabale wale Greh

An enemy planet conjucting two friendly planets sitting in the same house creates differences between both the planets resulting in reduced benefic results. In this situation the horoscope formed is known as kundali of mukable wale greh.

Kundali of Nabalig planets

According to Laal Kitaab, a horoscope is considered to be of nabalig planets when the first, fourth, seventh and tenth house of the horoscope is vacant and occupied by malefic planets only such as Rahu, Saturn or Ketu. The results are analyzed by keeping in consideration all the principles of nabalig planet horoscope.

Lal Kitab Kundali Types