What is Lal Kitab - The History of Lal Kitab - Laal Kitab Remedies

Laal Kitaab has its own set of rules and principles to analyze a horoscope. It is necessary to get your horoscope analyzed by Laal Kitaab method, if you are performing Laal Kitaab remedies.

Historical significance of Laal Kitaab

Laal Kitaab was written by Pt. Roopchand Joshi. He used to live in Pharwala village and was a clerk in the accounting department of military. During his course of work he was transferred to Himachal, where he met a soldier in the military who was aware of principles and rules of Laal Kitaab. He communicated these principles to a British army officer

The soldier was aware of most of principles and Karak of Laal Kitaab. He tried to write them down, but couldn't do it in sequence of the order prescribed. The principles which were meant to come first in the sequence were written somewhere else, and those who were written in order were not making any sense.

The british officer gave these principles to Pt. Roopchand Joshi to read and write them in a sequence. He re-wrote all the principles as per the order in four registers. These registers were then later on published in a book in 1939.

First time these principles were introduced to the public as a book of principles. But, the book in which these principles were written was red from outside due to which it was later named as Laal Kitaab. Many different editions were published from 1939 to 1952.

Precautions to be taken while performing Laal Kitaab remedies

Some scholars are not able to present the remedies to others in correct order due to which the person is not able to attain good results.

If the remedies are not performed in the right order then the person may have to undergo various obstacles and face severe losses. Thus, it is necessary to know the correct way of following Laal Kitaab remedies.

According to Laal Kitaab the principles of forming a Varsha Kundali is different from Vedic Varsha Kundali. You can perform Laal Kitaab remedies only after getting your Laal Kitaab Kundali analyzed. If your astrologer recommend you Laal Kitaab remedies on the basis of your Vedic horoscope, then these remedies will not at all be beneficial and rather create obstacles and losses. Moreover, the remedies must be performed as per the directions given in the book. One should not attempt to substitute or make modification according to one’s own will.

For example: If you have been asked to put something into a flowing river then you must not put that thing into a lake or sea assuming that they are also flowing water bodies as the water of the sea gets back to the beach and that of the lake remains still. This can turn the effects of remedy against you rather than working in your favour.

There are many hidden meaning behind the facts related Laal Kitaab remedies. Once a person understands these facts he is able to grasp the true essence and logics of these remedies. A person may need lots of time and patience to get deep down behind the logic of these remedies.

The foremost condition of Laal Kitaab is that all the remedies must be performed during the day time. Laal Kitaab remedies must be performed for a continuous period of 40 and 43 days.

Perform one remedy at one time. If you want to perform more than two remedies then wait for the first one to get completed and then continue with the other one. Only one remedy can be performed in one day.

If someone is not able to perform the remedy physically, then his blood relatives can perform it for him. Seek advice of an expert before beginning any remedy.

Lal Kitab Principles and Remedies