vaisakhi In Indian culture, people of different places,different religion, languages, customs live together. Different cultures living together,

vaisakhi 2023 The literal meaning of Khalsa is pure, holy. The tenth Guru of Sikh, Guru Govinda Singh, established today the Khalsa Panth. The sole aim of establishing this Panth was,

welcome vaisakhi Vaisakhi festival is basically a festival of agriculture. In the northern region of India specially in Punjab, when crops grow all green, and swing in breeze, and Rabi crop is ready,

vaisakhi memories Where on one hand, Vaisakhi festival is related to farmers and crops, on the other hand it is celebrated as a memorial day of Jallianwala Bagh massacre at the time of British rule. The Jallianwala massacre, hundreds of people were shot together with bullets.

Vaisakhi Khalsa Panth When crop ripe and ready, then the framers start swinging happily, this joy is celebrated as Vaishaki. Praying for country’s happiness, greenery and prosperity,