Baisakhi 2021, 14th April

vaisakhi festival In Indian culture, people of different places, different religion, languages, customs live together. Different cultures living together, give a new recognition to us in this World. In addition, it gives our unity a beauty, like a bouquet gets magnificent by the different color flowers it contains. The festival of Baisakhi helps to hold people together in a bond. Because, this festival is celebrated in every part of country in some or the other form. Different religions celebrate it in different manners, which increases its relevance.

Pona Sankranti: A Unique Form of Baisakhi Festival in Orissa

Orissa community celebrates Baisakhi as Pona Sankranti. On this day, Lord Shiva is worshipped by ladies, and offered Pona made of yogurt and Jaggery. In the temple food and clothes are donated. Out of all the recipes made today, Kheer made of rice is one of the most important items. Dalma is made of brinjal, banana, potato and pumpkin. And, the family God is worshipped with a wish to have rain for whole year together with happiness and wealth.

Beginning of New Year in West Bengal

In Bengal, the new year begins on the first day of Vaishakh month. This day here is known by the name of Shubho Nabo Barso. In Bengal from this day only crop harvesting is started. People of Bengal start up with new work on this day. Women make dishes from the new crop coming home.

Beginning of New year in Kerala on Baisakhi

The southern state of India, in Kerla, on this day sowing of paddy is being done. This day, here in Malayalam is called New Year Vishu. Today, the cart and bulls are decorated with Rangoli, and are worshiped. Also, children are given gifts.

Bihu in Assam

On This day people of Assam, celebrate new year as “Bihu”. On the occasion of Bihu, folk dance is performed and happiness is celebrated publicly. Vaishaki is not a regional festival, rather, it is celebrated all over India in some or the other form.

Beginning of Tamil New Year

People of Tamil consider this day as the beginning of New year. This Day is celebrated by them as Puthaandu festival.

Beginning of Kashmir New Year

This day is celebrated as Navreh that is new year, according to the mentioning of Saptrishiyo in scriptures. On this day people wish each other, and go to every-one's house with happiness and joy. This day is utilized specially for starting up with any new work.

Beginning of New Year in Andhra Pradesh

Most of the Indian festivals are celebrated on basis of agriculture. In all the regions of India where agriculture is the main means of livelihood, it is a festival celebrated when crops are fully grown or brought to home. Andhra pardesh being a land of cultivation, so, this day is really significant for farmers of this region. It is celebrated as Udagi Tithi or starting of new year.

Maharashtra New Year Celebration

In Maharashtra, This Day is considered to be the starting day of the universe, so, it’s celebrated with full joy and enthusiasm. As per the beliefs, it’s thought that time started running fro this day. The occasion of New Year is celebrated by preparing Srikhand and Puri. On this day food and donations are given to poor people. And, children wear new clothes.

This way in every corner of India, this festival is celebrated in some or the other way. Festivals like Vaishaki help to keep the culture of India unanimous and bonded together. This festival ties up all Indian in a bond of unity, brotherhood, and success.

Celebration of Baisakhi in Other Parts of India

Vaishaki is not the festival of only Sikh society. But, in Kerala, Assam, Orissa, it is celebrated as the coming of new year. With the happiness of new year’s arrival, many new resolution and new works are done today.

Vishu Pujan by Malayalam Community

The Malyalam society celebrate Vaishaki as the new year. The welcoming of new year for the society is done by having a vision of Vishukkani. In Kerala this day, traditional dancing and singing is done together with this, fireworks are enjoyed. Specially in the temple of Ayyapa, some big worshiping is offered. Vishu mean “Sri Krishna” and Kani means “basket”

On this festival of Vishukkani, Lord Krishna is placed in a basket, which is decorated with jack fruit, pumpkin, yellow flowers, glass, coconut, etc. First, the head of the family close his eyes and have a vision of Vishukkani. At many places, this work is done first by children. The purpose of having God vision is basically for making the full year auspicious.

Bihu and Baisakhi in Assam

Assamese celebrate the day of Vaishaki in a new form. Here the festival is for two days. A day before Baisakhi is celebrated as Bihu in which cattle are worshiped. And on the day of Vaishaki, Rangili Bihu is celebrated.

On this day many cultural activities are organised. As no festival is celebrated with delicious food, so, in dishes, Poha is enjoyed with yogurt. Assam’s life is depended on cultivation, hence, people wish to have rain for the whole year.