Baisakhi Festival - Arrival of Agricultural New Year

vaisakhi parv Vaisakhi festival is basically a festival of agriculture. In the northern region of India specially in Punjab, when crops grow all green, and swing in breeze, and Rabi crop is ready, then in order to thank nature, farmers perform dance and sing songs. The beat of drums and songs on Baisakhi compel young menwomen as well as nature to dance along.

Baisakhi Celebration in Punjab

India is rich in crop cultivation. Today also, people are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. And, talking about Punjab, agriculture has influenced their lives, their folk songs, their traditions in a big way.

Why is Baisakhi Celebrated?

Vaisakhi is celebrated in joy of the preparation of Rabi crop. Wheat pulses, oilseed and sugar cane's crop are received by farmer as Rabi crop.

In Punjab, at this time, wheat crop can be seen growing and swinging every where. Looking at the crop, the farmers get an excitement and rejoice. A part of grown crop is given to God, the other is distributed among everyone as Prashad (offering from God as oblation). On this occasion, everyone preforms folk dance, Bhagra and Gidda. After all hard work and efforts, this Earth gives crop. All tiredness is removed and energy and happiness is filled for the coming season, when the crop is harvested.

Baisakhi, basically is a festival of crop harvesting. That also, festival of Rabi harvest. Together with Rabi many other eatables are sown. Gram, pears, mustard, lentils, linseed, safflower, Arandi also grow in this season.

Baisakhi: A Festival of Crop Harvesting

When crop is ready in farm, then the framers start swinging happily, this joy is celebrated as Vaishaki. Praying for country’s happiness, greenery and prosperity, people express their happiness by doing charity and lightning of Deepak(small lamps). The logic behind the Bhangra dance is that nature has bestowed them with good crops after whole year of hard work. It is welcomed by people of this place with celebration. Actually, this festival is crop harvesting festival.

On one side this festival is related to agriculture and farmers, on the other, it is a day of establishment of Khalsa Panth which increases its importance. This day bring many happiness together. Baishaki is an advent of new year’s day. Being the foundation day for Sikh Panth, this day has a glorious history.

Beginning of New Year on Vaisakhi

On the day of 13/14 April, sun enters the Aries sign. It is also celebrated as a new year. In Bengal, This day is celebrated as new year on Vaisakhi. With a new birth the new generation brings up many cultural works. With colorful functions, this day is celebrated as welcoming of new year. Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva is worshiped while welcoming the new year.

Dance and songs are performed at public places. Resolution for country’s growth and living in unity. On this day , new clothes are wore, new business, booking account is carried out. This day, sweets and delicious dishes are made at home.

Historical Importance of Baisakhi

Not being a festival of month, Vaisakhi is actually a group of festivals. The second Guru of Sikh, Sri Aangad Dev was born in this month. According to the mythological narration, it is said that Lord Bhramai created the universe this day. Sri Vikrami era was started today by king Vikramaaditya. Sri Ram had his coronation today.

Important events like beginning of Navratra, birth of Sant Jhulelal of Sind Prant, foundation of Arya samaj by Maharishi Dayanand, RajTilak of Dharmraj Yuddhistir, Mahavir Jayanti etc. are linked to this month.