Dussehra Festival - 2018

Ashwin Shukla Paksha brings the auspicious Navratri with it. On Dashmi, Dussehra festival is celebrated with full joy and enthusiasm in the whole country. In the year 2018, Dussehra will be celebrated on 19th October. Everyone waits eagerly for this day.

Vijaya Dasami, the Festival of Gathering States Together

India is the only country in the world where a festival is celebrated in different ways. India is a country of festivals where different religions and traditions grow together. Festival of one religion is celebrated with full enthusiasm by people of other religion and class.

Life of Rama in Brief

Dussehra festival is an occasion of celebrating lord Ram’s victory over Ravan. While this celebration, we should have a look at the life of lord Rama. The each time we read the life of Rama, there is always something new to learn from it.

Worshiping Dolls on Dussehra in South India

Festival of Dussehra is celebrated in a unique way in the Southern states of India. At the time of Dussehra, dolls and toys are decorated in every house of South India. This tradition had begun from the house of kings in ancient time. It is known as Gombe Habba. In simple words, it is called the Dussehra festival of South India.