Basic Astronomy for Astrologers

About Basic Astronomy for Astrologers

By: Deepak Nair


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Vedic Astrology , Horoscope

Study of astrology is linked with the study of Astronomy.Our ancients had thorough knowledge of astronomy which they gained by studying the movement of Sun,Moon and planets against the background of the stars.They also noted apparent correspondences between the planetary configuration in the sky and events in their lives.Astronomy and Astrology were thus very much linked together.But astrologers today are more occupied with their computer screens than with what really happens in the heavens.They talk about retrograde planets,and retrogression,the concept of Ayanamsha due to precession of equinoxes;without being completely aware of the philosophy behind them.

The study of astrology demands an elementary knowledge of Astronomy.After all,what is happening in the sky is the basis of Astrology.If you do not understand what is happening up there,you do not really know what you are talking about when you look at a horoscope.This book is an attempt to make both the students of astrology and the professional astrologer conversant with the relationship between Astronomical reality,and the cryptic information contained in a horoscope.Topics like retrogression,precession,role of the extra-saturnines,missing dates,extra dates and nodal axis are all lucidly dealt with and with no mathematics involved !

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