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Zodiac and Sunsigns

Sanjay Sharma

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The book is based on the Zodiac signs of the Western and the Indian Astrology and will help even a novice to recognize the signs, planets and aspects. Astrology uses the signs of the zodiac to study the positions of the planets. From the interpretations of the planetary aspects one can analyze character and compatibility. Relationship depends on the stars. By knowing your astrological chart you can interpret planetary conjunctions and determine much about yourself. In this book many secrets of Indian and Western astrology have been revealed for every sign of the Zodiac besides many other important things have been discussed. This book is designed to inspire basic interest in astrology besides highlighting the main differences between Hindu or Indian and Greek or Western astrology. Sunsigns of many celebrities have been included. One can tell the fortune with the help of amazing knowledge. The book will serve both as primer, as well as an exhaustive study on the subject.