Nirayan Horoscopes and Western Aspects

About Nirayan Horoscopes and Western Aspects

In this book, the author has advanced the theory of predicting Nirayan horoscopes by applying principles of Western Aspects with a straight and lucid style without jugglery of words. He has given very useful tables for noting down the natal and progressive aspects to help the students of Astrology to arrive at a quick and correct conclusion and prediction. This book contains 27 Nirayan Horoscopes on the important topics of life, e.g. infant mortality, health & disease, accidents, mental qualities, money, career, marriage & children, travels, death and physical peculiarities.

To facilitate easy understanding of the principles of astrology, simple analytical charts have been prepared. Each horoscope has been judged according to the method followed by the western astrologers (viz. angular aspects of the planets as measured in degrees of the zodiac, and transits for judging the happening of an event. It is hoped that this book would serve as a comprehensive text book on the subject and would be helpful to the students of Astrology.

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