Vedic astrology talks about 12 astrological signs. Out of these 12 astrological signs, one must be rising in your Ascendant. Your personality and life are prominently affected by the sign which rises in your Ascendant. Auspicious and
In Vedic astrology, a considerable amount of attention has been given to Ascendant. Even predictions are made on the basis of Ascendant in Janma Kundali. If your ascendant is strong, you will be able to overcome all kinds of obstacles. On
In this webcast, we will talk about Scorpio Ascendant. We will tell you about certain characteristics and qualities of Scorpio ascendant. We will also talk about auspicious and inauspicious planets for this ascendant. Moreover, we will
Every person has a desire to live in a place of his dreams. In other words, every person wants to live in his own home, which he can decorate and remodel as per his tastes and preferences. Some people are able to turn this dream into
In this webcast, we will talk about Virgo Ascendant. In the next few slides, we will talk about Virgo in detail. We will talk about Virgo’s characteristics, auspicious and inauspicious planets for this sign and so on. We will also tell you
In our previous webcasts, we talked about many different aspects of Vedic astrology. We also talked about the points, which act as the foundation of Vedic astrology. Let us proceed and talk about Leo sign in this webcast. Today, we will
Every astrological sign in the zodiac is important in its own way. Each sign has its own Karak element, characteristics and importance. When a sign rises in the Ascendant, it prominently affects your Kundali. In this series about
Whether we talk about Vedic astrology, Jaimini astrology or Western astrology, every branch talks about the importance of astrological signs. In fact, in Jaimini astrology, all the Dashas are associated with astrological signs. In this
In Vedic astrology, every astrological sign is important in its own way. In fact, every sign has different Karak elements. Some signs are considered to be auspicious, while others are believed to be inauspicious. In our discussion about
Ancient principles of astrology comprised of many different branches. Vedic astrology is considered to be the most important out of all. Besides Vedic astrology, Krishnamurti, Lal Kitab, Palmistry and Numerology are some other principles
In this webcast, we will talk about synchronisation of numbers. We will tell you which numbers are in synchrony with each other and how some may not be in synchrony. The nine numbers have been divided into three different groups. The first
In Vedic astrology, you can reach a conclusion after analysing everything in detail. Making predictions on the basis of just one perspective can be quite dangerous for the native. Hence, you should always consider all the principles and
Vedic Astrology talks about numerous Yogas. Some Yogas are auspicious, while others are inauspicious. In Janma Kundali, obstacles in your life are also analysed on the basis of houses. Some houses in your Kundali create obstacles and
We often feel that Nakshatra can be vital in deciding the Career. How Career can be decided on the basis of the birth Nakshatra. In this webcast we will talk about the Importance of Nakshatra that falls under the type ‘Artha’ in conferring
Can birth Nakshatra be important in deciding the Career. Yes, It is true. Nakshatra can play a vital role in choosing the right career. There are 27 Nakshatras and each Nakshatra is ruled by specific planet. In this webcast we will talk
In our previous webcast, we talked about marriage match making. This match making was based on houses, astrological signs and the astrological sign in the Ascendant. In this webcast, we will go a bit further. We will try to understand some
The term “match making” usually comes up in a discussion related to marriage. Match making is a procedure in which the bride’s Kundali is matched with the groom’s Kundali. Primarily, match making studies matching qualities (Gun Milan) and
Janma Kundali is used to study your past, present and future. Every individual has a different future. Some people may be happy in life, while others may be sad. There may also be some people who receive mixed results. Every incident in
Classification and Synchronisation of Numbers In this webcast, we will talk about classification and synchronisation of numbers. In Numerology, numbers are classified in many different ways. However, in this webcast, we will talk about two