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The Conic Hand in Palmistry

The conic hand has a medium-sized palm, tapering fingers and conical nails. The nails are pointed and the hand as a whole gives the appearence of a cone. Its shape is similar to the next type of hand known as psychic

General Characteristics of the Mount of Mars

The mount of Mars has two positions in the palm. The first is present immediately under the upper portion of line of life and the other is present opposite to it in the space lying between the line of heart and the line

General Characteristics of the Mount of Mercury

The mount of Mercury is located at the base of little finger. It shows the extent of oratory skills, affluence and spontaneity in an individual. This mount seems to relate to the brain than anything else. It gives the

Prediction of Voyages, Travel and Accidents - Lines of Journey

The heavy lines on the face of mount of Luna and the little hair-lines which leave the line of life and travel towards the mount of Moon are known as lines of journey. Sometimes, the short lines that join the line of

Mounts in a Palm - Mounts in Palmistry

We see numerous elevations on a palm when we take a look at it. Each elevation represent a planet and is known as mount. A hand has eight segments or mounts. These mounts act as a record of the planetary influences on

Introduction to Palmistry Reading - How to Read Palms - History of Palmistry in India

Man has been curious to know about his future since ages. He developed various branches of predictive sciences like astrology , palmistry and numerology to satisfy his urge to know about the happenings of future.

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