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Importance of Thumb in Palmistry- Part 1

Thumbs are considered highly important in palmistry. It is called as the King of the Palm. If the thumb is not there, then we can not imagine doing anything without it. Today, we will tell you about the features of

Symbols or Signs on the Palm of Your Hand

Each line and symbol or sign in your palm is important in its own way. Wherever these signs are situated in your palm, you receive auspicious or inauspicious results accordingly. There are different types of signs which

Predictions for Saturn Finger

Science of Palmistry In the modern times, every person uses one way or another to know something about his future. In the present times, it is quite easy to know about your future by using technologies like the

General Characteristics of Mount of Saturn

The mount of Saturn is found at the base of middle finger. It represents the love of solitude, prudence, silent determination, inclination towards mystic arts, belief in fatalism and in the ultimate destiny of all the

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