The Square Hand and its Subdivisons

The hand which has square palm and fingers is known as a square hand. This kind of hand is very common and is found in many walks of life. The nails in such type of hands are generally short and square. People with such hands are disciplined, respect authority and are well-organised. They are orderly, precise in manner and punctual mainly because of the influence of their customs and habits. These people are blessed with great persistence but are often obstinate and not resigned. They are not at all inclined towards arts and seek material pleasure in everything. In religion, they don’t want to follow the rituals and prefer spirituality over it.

Such kind of people are not easily adaptable with people. They have little originality or imagination but possess immense power of executing plans, force of character and strength of their will because of which they outperform their more brilliant and talented rivals. These kind of people love pure sciences and all forms of practical studies. A square hand can be further classified into seven types on the basis of the shape of the fingers. The seven subdivisons of square hands on the basis of the shape of fingers is provided below.

Square Hand with Short Square Fingers

The subject with such kind of hand is purely materialistic. It also represents that the subject is stubborn and narrow-minded. These people make a lot of money with both fair and unfair means since they are very business-minded. They like to accumulate wealth since they seek material pleasure in everything.

Square Hand with Long Square Fingers

This kind of hand denotes a greater development of mentality than the square hand with short fingers. It represents that the subject is logical and analytical. He thinks a lot before saying or doing anything. Subject with such a hand will not be influenced by prejudices and will proceed cautiously towards a logical conclusion.

Square Hand with Knotty Fingers

This type is generally found with long fingers and represents that the person is very loving and compassionate. It may not produce great inventors but will produce good architects, mathematicians and scientists.

Square Hand with Spatulate Fingers

This is the hand of inventions but always on practical lines. When such individuals become engineers, they make useful things, instruments and household articles. They love mechanical work of almost every kind and are born to become engineers or architect.

Square Hand with Conic Fingers

The square shape in this type of hand imparts application and continuity of efforts while conic fingers gives intuitive and perceptive faculties. The individual of such kind will be inspirational, imaginative, thoughtful and methodical.

Square Hand with Psychic Fingers

Square hand with purely psychic fingers are rarely found. Such individuals start with a good cause but later on will not be able to complete their tasks. An artist of such kind will have a studio of unfinished pictures and the business man will have his office filled with unfinished plans.

Square Hand with Mixed Fingers

This type is found more among men than among women. It consists of every finger being different in shape. It is often found that the thumb of such hand is thick and bents from the middle joint. Also, the first finger is generally pointed.

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