The Psychic Hand in Palmistry

The psychic hand is the most beautiful and most unfortunate hand among all the seven hands. This type of hand is very rare to find. But, the hands of many people resemble the psychic hand and therefore they are considered part of this section. This hand is most beautiful among all the hands since it narrow in formation, long, narrow and thin. The fingers are long, slender, tapering and the nails are almond-shaped. Its elegance and beauty indicate its want of energy and strength. It also denotes that such individuals will be able to persist in the toughest battle of life.

Individuals with a psychic hand are purely fanciful and idealistic in nature. They are admirers of beauty and aesthetics. Such people are gentle, benevolent, considerate and compassionate. They have no idea of how to be practical, business-like or logical. They don’t understand the concept of rules, order, punctuality or discipline and are easily influenced by others against their will since they are carried away by a strong rush of humanity.

Colour appeals to this nature in the highest possible way. Also, such people are the lovers of  tender emotions like small joys and sorrows, music, nature and scenic beauties. This type is unconsciously a religious one. They believe that almighty is an eternal truth but don’t have power to seek the truth. People of such kind are more inclined towards devotional music than towards rituals. They are innately devotional and fall in the category of being spiritual. They fall for the awe and mystery of life without knowing the reason. All forms of magic and mystery attract them and are easily imposed upon them. The intuitive qualities of these individuals are highly developed.

Parents of such children generally don’t know how to treat them. It is observed that the parents of such children are practical people. Hence, children of such temperament are often forced into a practical career by the ignorance and stupidity of parents.

The possessors of these beautiful and delicate hands are purely sensitive in nature which when are in depression find themselves useless and become morbid and melancholy in their lives. They find themselves at the top of the world when are happy. Such people take birth on this earth to maintain the balance of love and laws of humanity or we can say that they are born to become the mascots of love.

The Mixed Hand

The mixed hand is called so because such kind of hands cannot be classified as square, spatulate, conic and philosophic hand etc. It has miscellaneous features such as the palm can be of square shape while the fingers can be pointed.

This kind of hand is the hand of ideas, of versatility and generally of changeability of purpose. A person with such a hand is adaptable to both people and circumstances but is erratic and irregular in the application of talent. He will be brilliant in conversation about any subject like science, art or politics. He may play some instrument fairly well, may paint a little but will not be best at anything. When however a strong line of head rules the hand, the subject will be brilliant and versatility of ideas will be present in him. Such individuals excel in the fields related to diplomacy and tact.

They are so versatile that they have no difficulty in getting on with different kinds of people they come in contact with. They are generally inventive and restless. These people do not remain in any city for a long time. When the entire hand has mixed features, the subject is inclined to become ‘jack of all trades’ which can be both fortunate or unfortunate.

The shape of your hand and your personality