The Conic Hand in Palmistry

The conic hand has a medium-sized palm, tapering fingers and conical nails. The nails are pointed and the hand as a whole gives the appearence of a cone. Its shape is similar to the next type of hand known as psychic hand which is again a long and narrow hand with extremely long and tapering fingers.

The main characteristics of the people with a conic hand are that they are impulsive and instinctive. Such people may be clever in thinking and quick learners but the hurdle lies in their impulsive nature because of which they are unable to carry out their intentions. People with this kind are artists and are good conversationalists. They live life for sensual pleasures. Such kind of people win people in conversations and grasp the subject very quickly. This quality makes them vulnerable to the influence from outside world. They are easily influenced by the people with whom they come in contact with or by their surroundings.

People of such kind carry their likes and dislikes to the extremes and therefore are quick-tempered. But, when they are out of their minds they speak their mind plainly and are impetuous to think about their words or expressions. They are generally sympathetic and generous but not in matters of money.

People with this kind of hand are generally musicians, painters, sculptures and poets since the possessors of such hands are easily influenced by nature, colour, music, tears, joy or sorrow than possessors of any other type of hand. They respond quickly to the sympathetic influences than other people. These people are emotional and can rise to the greatest heights of rapture when are happy and can descend to lowest depths of despair over any trifle.

When the conic hand is hard and elastic, it represents that the subject will have all the good qualities of a conic hand and these qualities will be accentuated by greater energy and firmness of will. The person with this kind of hand is artistic in nature and success can be achieved if he is encouraged for an artistic career. Therefore, the conic hand is chosen to represent he people those lead a public life like actors, actresses, singers, orators, painters etc.

It would be more appropriate to say that owners of such hands are inclined towards arts and are not artistic. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that such people depend more upon their internal instincts then from the influences of the surroundings.

The shape of your hand and your personality