The Length and Size of the Fingers

The length of fingers is an important part of cheirognomy. It can influence the qualities of other fingers. The length of a finger can be measured from a knuckle to the tip of the finger. It is found commonly that the index finger is short in comparison to the middle finger, the middle finger is longest, the ring finger is shorter in comparison to the middle finger and the small finger is  shortest. But, the length of fingers may vary from hand to hand. Some general representations of the length of fingers is provided below.

  • When the index finger is very long, it represents the great pride and a tendency to rule and dominate others. The native with such a finger may become a ruler or dictator since he can influence people. It is also found in the hands of priests and politicians.
  • When the index finger is abnormally long and is equal to the second finger, it indicates an extraordinary desire of ruling the world and the native is most likely to become a dictator.
  • A square and heavy middle finger denotes a deeply thoughtful, stern and a gloomy person.
  • When the middle finger is pointed, it depicts that the native is cruel, hardhearted and frivolous.
  • When the ring finger and the index finger are of same length, it denotes that the native is over-ambitious for getting wealth and honour through his or her artistic learning.
  • If the ring-finger is abnormally long and is equal in length to the second finger, it represents an individual which believe in taking risks in life. He risks various things in life like money, relationships and health. But, such a person has strong artistic instincts.
  • The spatulate ending of the third finger symbolizes that a person may become an actor, orator or a teacher. It indicates that artistic instincts of the native are strengthened by necessary appeal to audience.
  • When the little finger is well-developed and long, it provides a balance for the thumb and for the hand.
  • When the finger is very long and reaches up to the nail of the third finger, it shows that the native possesses great power of expression in writing and speaking. The person of such kind is often a scholar or a philosopher.
  • He can discuss any subject with ease and he is able to impress people by the way he applies his knowledge of facts in a discussion.

Shape of the fingers and your personality