Lines in Palmistry - Study of Lines in Palmistry

The study of lines on a palm is of great significance in palmistry. It includes the study of various features like crosses, stars, sections, crescents etc in the form of lines in the palm. These lines tell us about the future of an individual by auspicious and inauspicious signs formed on them due to the effect of thoughts and deeds of an individual and the kind of environment the person lives in. These lines give results according to their names. The lines most widely accepted in palmistry by the palmists across the world are as follows:

Head Line

The Head line originates at the bottom of index finger and transverses across the palm until it terminates. It often touches the life-line at its point of origin. This line depicts the state of mind of a person and is used to analyse a person’s intellect, his inclination towards a specific mode of learning, his communication style and his quest and efforts for learning various things.

Heart Line

The heart line originates below the little finger, travels across the palm and ends below the index finger. It lies at the top of the palm exactly beneath the fingers. It represents the physical and psychological state of heart. It is used to analyse romantic prospects, psychological endurance, emotional stability and possibilities of depression. Along with this, various aspects related to cardiac health are also interpreted by this line.

Life Line

The Life line originates from the base of the thumb, covers the palm in an arc and ends near the wrist. It is one of the most controversial line. It is used to interpret the vitality and vigour of the body since the line of life has a close connection with the vital organs of the body. The physical state of body, coordination among the vital organs, body immunity and general well being is analysed through this line.

Fate Line

The line of the fate may commence from the wrist, from the mount of Moon, from the life line or from head or heart line. This line is believed to reflect the events which are beyond the control of an individual like decisions related to studies, choice of career, choice of life partner and failures and achievements in one’s life.

Sun Line

The Sun line is also known as the Line of Apollo, Line of success or line of brilliance. It runs from mount of Moon at the wrist till the ring finger. It predicts the fame, success and brilliance in the life of an individual.

Health Line

The health line is also known as the Line of Mercury. It commences from the wrist towards the little finger. This line is known to reflect chronic physical ailments. It is also used to predict the success in one’s profession or business.

Travel Lines

These are the Travel lines present on the expanse of the palm between the wrist and the heart line and are normally horizontal. The interpretation of the period of a journey, the hurdles and success faced in a journey and the condition of health of an individual in a journey is done through these lines.

Marriage Lines

Marriage lines are horizontal lines situated exactly below the little finger and above the heart line. These lines indicate the intimacy in relationships, happiness in the marital life and the existence of love and affection between a husband and a wife. While analysing the line of marriage, the mount of Venus and the line of heart should also be taken into consideration.

Girdle Line

The semicircle which rises between the base of little finger and ring finger and ends between the base of middle and index finger is known as Girdle line or the Girdle of Venus. It makes an individual highly sensitive and an extremist. The individuals which have girdle of Venus have a dual mentality.

Simian Line

The line formed by the fusion of heart line and head line is known as Simian line, Simian fold, Simian crease or Transverse Palmer crease. It is a rare line and represents the combination of head and heart. The individuals which have a Simian line have mental equanimity and sensibility.

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