What is the Impact of Birth Number 2 (Lucky Number 2) on Your Life

Number 2 has its own significance in numerology. Moon is the lord of the number 2. Moon is the Karaka of calmness and controls the inner feelings of a person. Inauspicious Moon brings tensions and mental illness. All the good ideas and thoughts depends on the good elements of Moon. People who come under number 2 are affected by Moon. Any individual born on 2, 11, 20 and 29 dates of any month comes under the number 2.

Moon is a lord of heart. The heart of these people can be influenced. This number is a symbol of double mindedness and dualistic in nature. These people make plans but are not able to perform on them as expected. Their intellectual quality is recognised more than physical properties.

Number 2 people are creative in nature and love creativity. They have moderate physical strength but their mental strength is unbeatable. Thus, they are intelligent and fast in processing intellectual matters.

Characteristics of People with Number 2

These people are decent, gentle, affable and soft-spoken in nature. They are full of imagination due to the influence of Moon. They are prone to mood swings affected by different phases. They have a sense of stability and are very emotional. People belonging to number 2 are very gentle in nature.

Features of Number 2

Number 2 people do not possess the feeling of pride and are tolerant, imaginative, artistic, and romantic in nature. They have high thinking but are not able to execute it like number 1 people. They are more recognised for their intellectuality then physical properties.

They have a good sense of wit and wisdom and can overshadow anyone with their intellectuality. They are very popular and are able to get social recognition with their hard work.

As a result of the moon, they are sophisticated and are able to find goodness in an evil also. People with number 2 are decent, gentle, affable, soft-spoken and have the ability to understand the state of mind of the other person. They are able to make friends and are a lover of aesthetic beauty that is well understood.

People with number 2 have inherent sense of clarity. Everyone around them are influenced by their sense of cordiality and sincerity and also respect them. These people receive love from everyone. They do not like being alone and always look for a company.

Difficulties of Number 2

Number 2 people find it difficult to perform one task for a long period of time and are not able to survive on their thoughts. They usually leave the work incomplete because of this. These people cannot concentrate on one thing at a time and feel themselves inferior to others.

Number 2 people lack concentration and are too desperate to handle anything. They are very emotional and can be easily convinced by anything. They are unstable, lack confidence and concentration as far as ideas and plans are concerned. They are highly sensitive and get easily disappointed with the environment that is not of their choice.

They are skeptical by nature and get hurt by seeing other’s problems. Number 2 people are mentally strong but lack physical strength. They perform intellectual work better than any physical work.