What is the Impact of Name Number 9 on Your Life

Name number is calculated on the basis of one’s name by using Cheiro method, Sepharial method and Pythagoras method. Some methods have used nine numbers and some have not. Numerologists have been using these methods since ancient times. Name number can bring changes in a person’s life and directs it towards positivity and optimism. To calculate your Name number, write down your name in English. For Example : Riya Sen. Now, by using the numbers assigned to each alphabet below, take the total sum of these numbers and keep on adding them with each other until you get a result ranging from 0-9. R = 2, I = 1, Y = 1, A = 1. S = 3, E = 5, N = 5. Now sum up the numbers assigned to each alphabet. 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 =  5 3 + 5 + 5 = 13 1 + 3 = 4 5 + 4 = 9 Total - 9. The name number of Riya Sen is 9, If the name number calculated is not beneficial for the person, then the numerologists make some changes in the spelling of the name to bring it to a positive number.

Characteristics and Nature of people with Name number 9

People with name number 9 are likely to have a strong feeling of attaining an influential position in the society. They are patient in nature and are able to ward off any kind of trouble from their life through courage and hard work. They are forceful speakers with vigorous voice. Those coming in contact with them are easily influenced or affected  by their verbal skills. People belonging to name number 9 have an impressive and vigorous personality. They are very quick and witty in performing their tasks and try to complete the work assigned on time. They are the managers of high-quality work and always try to accomplish their goals as soon as possible. People with name number 9 are straight forward, but also know how to get their work done by others. They are very disciplined and expect the same from others as well. They have many friends since their enemies usually fail to win over them. Despite of being fierce and flighty, people with name number 9 are also polite and soft-spoken. This is the reason that people find themselves attracted to them. They like living an independent life. They might have to face some struggle in the initial phase of life, but with dedication, hard-work and sensibility they are able to win over all the troubles in life.


People belonging to name number 9 are short tempered and have less tolerance level. They cannot stand any kind of criticism. They should avoid being flattery and pleasing. This attitude can be problematic for them. Keep a control on your anger and stop being dominant and hard on others. They are religiously rigid people. To get your Numerology Life Analysis Report, please click on this link : Numerology Life Analysis