What is the Impact of Name Number 2 on Your Life

Name number is also known as Fortune number. Cheiro method, Sepharial method and Pythagoras method are used to calculate the name number. Numerologists have been using these methods since ancient times. Some methods have used nine numbers and some have not. Now-a-days, we can find many people changing their names or adding additional alphabets in the spelling of their names to attain a positive name number. These people have achieved success in life after changing their names. The summation of a person’s name is known as Name number. To calculate your Name number, write down you name in English. For Example : Monika. Now, by using the numbers assigned to each alphabet below, take the total sum of these numbers and keep on adding them with each other until you get one number ranging from 0-9. M = 4, O = 7 , N = 5, I = 1, K = 2 , A = 1 Add the numbers assigned to each alphabet. 4 +7+5+1+2+1= 20 2 + 0 = 2 Total = 2. Thus, the name number for Monika is 2 .

Elements of Attributes

People with name number 2 are sympathetic, calm, imaginative and tolerant in nature. They are very simple people and like to stay away from any kind of manipulations. They possess romantic and artistic tendencies. These people are adventurous and mysterious in nature just like people with number 2. They are curious to know about new things and tend to generate new ideas constantly. But they are unable to execute their plans according to the thoughts as they lack stability factor. People with name number 2 focus more on intellectual work rather than physical work. They are very attractive, decent, soft-spoken and gentle in nature. They make friends very easily and are very true at heart. As as a result, these people have a huge number of friends. These people have a great tendency to judge the mental condition of a person. They don’t like being in solitude and have great imaginative power. People with name number 2 have low confidence level and do not have stability in thoughts.


People with name number 2 should try to overcome their weaknesses. They should try to implement their ideas and maintain stability in thoughts. These people are highly sensitive in nature. They tend to get disappointed if they do not get the environment as desired. They should make sure that they complete the work assigned to them to get success. They should stop being too sentimental and increase their confidence level.