What is the Impact of Birth Number 3 (Lucky Number 3) on Your Life

Number 3 is an influential number in numerology. Jupiter is the lord of number 3 and people of this number are highly influenced by planet Jupiter. According to the western astrology, Jupiter rules the people of this number. Number 3 is the reflection of three triangles and is considered to bring strength, spirit and material things in control. People with number 3 are courageous, possess leadership traits and are full of ambition. People born on 3, 12, 21 and 30 dates of any month come under number 3.

Characteristics of Number 3

People with number 3 are ambitious, disciplined in nature and want to rule. They can be a president in any department of defence and government administration. These people are outspoken and are always conscious for their actions. They try to keep them away from any kind of illusions. They do not allow any flexibility in operations.

People with number 3 have an ability to express their thoughts clearly and are liked by everyone due to this quality. They are appreciated by everyone for their moral values and thoughts.

People with number 3 have religiosity in thoughts and because of their participation in religious works they achieve good reputation in the society.

People with number 3 are always in the need of new discoveries and are engaged in ongoing psychological searches which makes them successful in intellectual fields like teaching.

They are intelligent and have an ability to understand any subject. Their logic and knowledge influence others.

People with number 3 have a leading position in the society and do not harm anyone. They are charming, have a gentle heart, are soft spoken and truthful in nature.

People with number 3 are believed to possess divine nature and are equally attractive. They keep themselves light hearted in every situation and do not get distracted by any hurdles or problems. They perform their duties with full confidence and patience.

Demerits of Number 3

Jupiter is the lord of number 3 and as a result these people are strict about discipline and behave like a ruler. They do not like any kind of delay in the matters related to work. Because of this nature their subordinates treat them as their enemies.

They have a tendency to leave every work incomplete. Their greatest weakness is that they never want to fail in life and get depressed in even a small failure which starts affecting their performance. People with number 3 should be careful about this weakness in them.

People with number 3 spend money with both hands. They cannot save at all. This is the reason that they do not have enough money when they actually need it and as a result they have to live a problematic life. Always remember that one should have desires in accordance with their affordability to live a decent and peaceful life.

People with number 3 like to live a disciplined life and make their own principals and rules and want everyone else to follow.

They have a great sense of self respect and do not like taking favours from anyone. They like to do all the work independently and get angry when someone unnecessarily starts giving them suggestions on it.

They are quiet in nature but are always in a hurry and can be cunning sometimes with their outspoken nature. Despite of having a good nature many people consider them their enemies.

Number 3 being stubborn in nature can attract enemies in life. They try to be a ruler that offends many people around them. They are unable to make right choice regarding people and are unable to categorize between friends and enemies. Number 3 people should control their tendency to gain supremacy in perpetuity.