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Important Facts In Muhurat

Today, in this post we will discuss some important facts about muhurat (auspicious-time). There are various kinds of muhurats. SOme are auspicious and some are not. Let’s take a look at them in

Prashna Kundali and its benefits

There are times when a person does not know his date of birth of time or birth. This usually acts as an obstacle in astrological matters. A solution to this problem is the Prashna Kundali. The house

Disease and Yogas Related to a Patient

When the lord of ascendant and the lord of the sixth house are forming an Itthashal Yoga, then the disease will continue for a long period of time. When a change of sign takes place between the lord

Life Partner and Pregnancy Related Questions

The two questions related to household are done very frequently. The first question is associated with a life partner and the second question is the question of the progeny. These questions include

Varsha Kundli and its Importance

Vedic Astrology has been studied under three most popular systems. The Parashari System: Maharshi Parashar in this system has described the complete rules of Varsha Kundali by giving priority to the

Tajik Yogas

Tajik writers have made a significant contribution in the Horary Astrology i.e the Prasna Tantra. Tajik writers apart from the theory of Tajik aspects have given various Yogas. This brief details of

Tajik Aspect | Drishti

The Accuracy of the predictive astrology does not depend only on the placement of the planets in a particular sign rather the angular aspects of the planets on each other make a great difference to

Where are the Stolen Accessories

With the help of Prashna Kundali , one can find out the place where the stolen accessories have been kept. Is it within the boundary of the state or has been taken away or is near to the house. If

Will the Thief be Caught

Normally a questioner asks specific question related to the thief like when will he be caught.Whether he will be caught or not .To analyse this , here are some information on the yoga of the Prashna

Pregnancy is There or Not

In present times many people asks astrologers about pregnancy. Astrologer answers these questions on the basis of Prashna Kundli. Many times the questioner itself does’nt know that she is already few

Rules for Accomplishment of a Task

You can find the answer of any question in a Prashna Kundali. Few rules have been made to foretell whether a task related to any field will be accomplished or not. Understanding these rules is very

Seventh House- Decision of a Thief

The ascendant in the Prashna Kundli is the questioner and the opposite house i.e seventh house is the thief. The second house from the ascendant signifies the wealth of the questioner and eight house

Effects of Malefic and Benefic Planets

The positions on planets in the ascendant of Prashna Kundli is analysed .Whether the benefic planets are affecting the ascendant or the effect of Malefic planets on the ascendant is more. Lets us

Cure of Diseases and Yogas of Death

If a person is seriously ill then a worry comes in one’s mind that whether that person will get healthy again or not. In such a condition, there are some Yogas to determine whether a person will get

Marriage Related Questions

Presently astrologers get huge volume of queries on marriage. When will the marriage take place? How will be the spouse? and many more such question are asked by the people . To answer these question

Missing Things - According Nakshatras

The information on the place where the stolen things is kept can be attained from the Nakshatra of the day when the theft took place or when the item was lost. The location of the items are attained

Yogas for Finding or not Finding Stolen Things

Numerous Yogas are found in a Prashna Kundali to find the stolen things. There are numerous Yogas to determine whether the stolen object will be found or not. These Yogas are as follows: If the lord

Duration of Dispute and type of Judgement

The question about the duration of the dispute is an abundantly asked question by the questioners. Questioners are also curious to know that in whose favour the judgement of the dispute will be. It

Calculation and Uses of Hora

The Hora of the day and time at which the native has asked the question is calculated. After calculating the Hora, we decide that which planet’s Hora was running at the time of questioning. The

Categories of Questions

To answer the questions of a questioner from a Prashna Kundali, you should first identify the question. You will not able to provide the appropriate answer of the question unless you understand it.

Use of Tajik Yoga in Prashna Kundali

The analysis of Tajik Yoga while studying a Prashna Kundali is very important. The study of Prashna Kundali without Tajik Yoga is incomplete. The completion of pending tasks depend on the Tajik

Mook Prashna of the 12 Signs

The signs in the ascendants has their own importance in the Prashna Kundli. Each sign has its own identity and symptoms. The scheduling of Mook Prashna is based on the symptoms. One thing should be

Determination of a Mook Prashna

These days a good and wise astrologer is the one which identifies the trouble of the questioner before the questioner speaks. This method is known as a Mook Prashna. The easiest way to determine a

Yoga’s for the Person Abroad

Many questioner asks questions related to the person in abroad.Questions like When will he back , whether he will be back or not , in what condition is he residing there , etc Firstly we will discuss


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