Sage Parashara - Mahamuni Parasara - Parasara Muni - Rishi Parashara

Sage Parashara was one of the most popular saint of ancient times. He was well known for his work and contributions made in indian culture. Sage Parashar performed many special austerities and hard penance to attain special powers and wisdom.

Sage Parashara was raised by his grandfather Vashishtha, since his father Saint Muni died before his birth. He was the father of Ved Vyas, also known as Krishna and Deepayana. Born in a family of great saints, he himself was able to become one of them.

Birth story of Sage Parashara

Sage Parashara was the author and speaker of Vedic scriptures. He was raised by his grandfather. When he grew up, he came to know of the death of his father at the hands of a demon and became very angry. He decided to take revenge.

He commenced a Yajna named, Rakshasa Satra Yajna for the destruction of demons. As a result, all the demons in the world including the innocent ones, started turning into ashes one by one. Seeing the consequences of the sacrifice, everyone tried to convince Sage Parashara to stop the Yajgna. Parashara sacrificed his Yajna on being preached by Sage Pulastya.

Story of Sage Parashara and Ved Vyasa

Ved Vyas was the son of Sage Parashara. There are many legends on the birth and life of Ved Vyas. He was born to Sage Parashara and Satyavati. Satyavati was also known as Matsyagandha as her body used to emit the smell of a raw fish.

Once Satyavati was accompanying him on a ferry to take him across the river. On his way, Parashara grew attracted to Satyavati and showed his desire to perform coitus with her.

On this Satyavati told him that, “ he belongs to a Brahmin family and she belongs to low caste. It won’t be good to have such a kind of relationship”. Parashara convinced her by giving her the boon of continuity of her virginity. Satyavati accepted his proposal and fulfilled his sexual desire.

Sage Parashara created a thick fog around the ferry that reduced the visibility to zero.  He also granted her the boon that the fragrance of the raw fish will turn into the finest fragrance that may emit from her.

He then took her to an island on the Ganges and in due course, they had a son who was named Vyasa. He was also known as Krishna as he acquired dark complexion. On the other hand, because he was born on an island, he came to be known as Dwaipayana and Veda Vyasa because he divided the Vedas and made them accessible to the humans

Compositions of Sage Parashara

Sage Parashara wrote and compiled many Vedic scriptures, especially on astrology. He laid down the principles of astrology.

There is a very popular legend in this context according to which Saint Maitreya requested Parashara to give him the knowledge of three parts of astrology i.e Hora, ganita and samhita. Out of all the three parts, Hora is the most important and was composed by Sage Parashara himself.

Many of the compositions of Rigveda are in his name. His compositions are Brihtaparashara Hora, Laghuparashari, Brihtaparashriya Dharmasamhita, Parashriya Dharmasamhita Smriti, Parashara Samhita Vadhyak, Parashariya Purnama, Parasharaoditam Nitishastratram, Parashararodanti, Vastushastrama etc. Kautilya Shastra has a decription of Sage Parashra. According to it, Parashara was a well known saint of ancient times. His compositions Brihataparasharahora has been included in various scriptures.

In these chapters , Rashiswaroop, Grahgunaswaroop, Lagna Vikshaleshan, Shodshavarg, Rashi Aspect, Arishta, Arishta Bhang, Bhaovivechan, Aprakash Grah, Grahsfut, Karak, Karak Shafala, Vividhyoga, Raviyoga, Rajyoga, Daridrayoga, Ayurdaya, Maraka Yoga, Dashafal, Vishesh Nakshatra, Kalchakra, Planet positions, Ashtakvarga, TrikonDasha, Pindasadhaana, Grahshanti etc has  been described.