Festival of the Month of Paush : Paush Sankranti 2021, 16th December

sankranti 16 december 2021 In poush sankranti, sun will enter sagittarius sign. It will begin on 16th December 2021 at, 21:31. The auspicious time of this 30 muhurati.

Donating wheat, gram, rice blankets, Fuels, seasonal fruits, sweets etc., with Dakshina will be beneficial during this month.

Panchak Begins: 9th December 2021

In Paush Shukla Paksha, Panchak will begin on 9th December at 10:10 and will end on 13th December 2021 at 26:05. All auspicious works should be avoided during this period or else, as it is said, we may have to do the same thing five times. If any work is started unknowingly then pacification work is done to reduce the inauspicious effects.

Putrada Ekadashi Fast: 24th January 2021

The Ekadashi of Paush Shukla Paksha is called Putrada Ekadashi fast. In this Ekadashi, Vishnu is worshipped. This Ekadashi is done for getting child.The person observing this fast should worship Lord Vishnu and meditate him through-out the day. In the night, Jagaran should be performed along with reading Vishnu Stotra and chanting Mantra. Next day the Brahmans should be fed and donations should be givan as per the capability.

Paush Poornima: 28th January 2021

In 2021, Paush Poornima will be on 28th January. Bathing and donation works are of great importance in Poornima.

Magh Krishna Panchak Begins: 15th January 2021

In 2021, Magh Krishna Paksha will begin on 15th January. Works performed in Magh Krishna Paksha will begin from this day.

Shri Ganesh Sankat Chauth Fast: 31st January 2021

Shri Ganesh Chauth Fast is on fourth date of Magh Krishna Paksha. In the morning bath is taken and then mantra “Gam Ganpataye Namah” is chanted. In the night, when Moon rises, Ganesh is worshipped and Bhog(sacraments) and Ardhya is offered. Some parts of Bhog is then distributed and consumed.

Lohri Festival: 13th January 2021

Lohri is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti. Though Lohri is celebrated all over India but its zeal and enthusiasm may be seen the the most in Punjab. This festival is related to agriculture. On this day, Bhangra is done during day time and Lohri is celebrated in the night at public places. Woods are gathered at places and burnt. The people move around that and throws new grains, peanuts and corns in it.