Sankranthi festival 2023, Sun in Uttarayan

sankranti_1 From the day of Sankranthi, Muhurt (favorable period) of doing auspicious work is started. From this day sun moves out of Dakshinayan and enters Uttarayan. It brings the Muhurt time for people waiting to have marriage and house warming ceremony (griha pravesh) etc. This day, Gods wake up after sleeping for 6 months. Entry of sun in Capricorn sign is the beginning of a new life. Since ancient times, this day is considered auspicious. According to our Sages, starting of any good work on this day is considered favorable. In the scriptures, this day is also called Dev Daan Festival.

Makar Sanranthi : Child Receiving Fast day

According to an old story, this day, Yashoda observed a fast for the birth of Lord Krishna. From that time,the procedure of fasting for child, began on this day. The method of fast observed this day is simple and similar to the other fasts. Lord sun is worshiped while fasting on this day. After fast, items of Til are donated. In the Vrat, Khichdi of Til is used as offering. All over India, this festival is celebrated in different ways. In Maharashtra, married women donates cotton (Kapas), Til and salt to ladies having child.

In Bengal, on this day, Til etc. are donated after bathing. Additionally, donating ghee and blanket is considered auspicious, in this whole month.

Surya Upasana (Sun Worshipping) Festival, 2023

In the scriptures, sun is considered as the Karaka of honour, rule and father. And, Saturn, the son of sun is known as the symbol of justice and public. According to the astrology, people in whose Kundali there is a conjunction of sun and Saturn or the ones who are not getting the favorable results of sun and Saturn should observe the fast of Makar Sankranthi. They should give donations of sun and Saturn products. Doing this gives the benefits of both the planets. Also, people who don’t have good relationship with father or son should observe this fast and give donations.

No life can be imagined on earth without sun. Doing Surya Namaskar and offering water to sun everyday, increases fortune and paternal happiness. On 14th January 2023, Sun enters the Capricorn Sign. This day is also called the Surya Upasana Day.

After the entry of Sun, in order to be far from any kind of crisis caused due to the placement of Saturn in Capricorn sign and sun in Aquarius sign, our Rishi and Muni gave the suggestion of bathing at spiritual places, donation and religious rituals. This placement of planets form a situation of hatred between father and son.

Motive behind using and donating Til and Ladoos made of jaggery, on the day of Makar Sankranthi is the same as above. According to astrology, Til is the food of Saturn and jaggery is the food of sun. Til is the producer of oil, that’s why people on this day have food items made of Til and jaggery to please Saturn and sun.

The tradition of bathing and donation at spiritual places was organised with the same intention that, hatred between father and son may not effect the people living on earth. As per the astrology, auspicious works done during Mal Mas are considered unfavorable. From the day of Makar Sankranthi, sun moves out of Dakshinayan and enters the Uttarayan.

In the Magh month, when sun is in Capricorn sign, many God and Goddess come down to earth to get its favorable results. Hence, Magh month and sun in Capricorn is considered auspicious for doing donation and other virtuous works. On this day there is a tradition of donating Til, blanket, winters clothes, Amla etc..