Makar Sankranti Celebrations in different States of India

makar sankranti celebration Makar Sankranti is India’s unbreakable tradition of culture and livelihood.It is a symbol of unity in diversity. This festival gives a message of unity to not just India but to the whole world. Because sun is the only God of world who is worship by everyone freely. Festival of Makar Sankranti inspires to have peace and harmony, love and forget the hatred and stay with unity.

The festival of Makar Sankranti ties up states as flowers into a scared thread of joy and affection. Just like a tying up many color flowers to one thread to increase its beauty. This festival also increases the dignity of nation by tying the states together.

Makar Sankrati Celebration in Punjab

Lohri is considered as a knock of Makar Sankranti. A unique style to express the happiness of new crops. Generally men and women gather at a cross road of a village, in traditional outfits especially the clothes representing the Punjabi culture, and perform Bhangra. Women on this day dress up beautifully, apply mehndi on their hands and their faces glow with happiness.

Makar Sankranti in Gujarat

Moving towards Gujarat, we find that colorful kites have converted Sankranti into their beautiful colors. On this day, from morning itself, the sky changes to a kite. At this moment different color kites symbolise different peoples enthusiasm and progress, giving a challenge to the limits of sky. Now, lets move a little further.

Makar Sankranti of Bengal

Here, the Makar Sankranti has spiritual and religious colors. Here Ganga, pass through Bay of Bengal and is absorbed in the ocean. At this time a religious fair is set up, called “Gangasagar”. It is believed that, by taking a dip at this place, your sins are washed away.

Karnataka’s Makar Sankranti Celebration

In Karnataka as well, Makar Sankranti is a festival related to crops. Bulls and cows are decorated. This day a Shobha Yatra(graceful procession) is carried out. This day men wear new clothes and go to meet each other with joy, taking sugarcane, dry coconut, roasted gram with them. Also, they gather to fly kites.